Dear Joshua,

I am not having any terminal disease but some times am afraid of life. Bluntly am I meant for early death? What are my weak points health-wise? Please tell me about my career line.

Lucky, Abeokuta.

Dear Lucky,

You are not meant for sudden death but that should not be a license for reckless life style. Although Cancer is said to be one of weak Star signs, with potent and positive aspects the Sun and Mercury got from planets in Virgo and more powerful Scorpio yours is a strong constitution meant for good health.

Certainly you must have gone through rough times when you were younger,  once you are out of it your health path is clearer. And nothing is pointing to early death.

Naturally Cancer born people must be more careful about their tummy (stomach related ailments) and you are not an exception. Other thing you will need to watch carefully include the circulatory system (because of Aquarius influence). Your sense of taste is distinctive and capable of making you a little bit stout as a result of little enlargement of liver because of your sugar intake, which you can control perfectly.

As a tropical man fever can come and go, but nothing fatalistic here please.. If you notice toothache symptom do not ignore it.

But yours is a sound and good health, astrologically.

Mercury Bthe planet of education and Accountancy, together with mighty Sun at positive angle to planets in Virgo (another Accounting Star sign) attracted you to both Accountancy profession and the academic world.  Truly you did not make wrong choice of career.

Money will eventually come along this line but it’ll not be as faster as if you take to OIL RELATED BUSINESS. Because  Neptune (the planet of OIL) was very comfortable when you were born. It will not be out of place if you have filling stations as time goes by, because you are basically a GAS PERSON.

Another money spinning vocation for you include writing either along your line or for film making industry; it is important you exhibit the higher quotient of creativity in your inner-self.  Politics is another area you are not looking at now but will surely come. Do you say why? Because Aquarius is equally political.


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