By Sam Eyoboka

TO avoid further violent upheavals between militant Fulani herdsmen and natives in  southern Kaduna, the National Secretary-General of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, PFN, Apostle Emmanuel Nuhu Kure has called on the Federal Government to create a new state for the southern Kaduna people.

Responding to the intractable crisis which has claimed over 808 lives, the Kafanchan-based founder/General Overseer of Throneroom (Trust) Ministry told our correspondent in a telephone interview; “nothing short of giving us a state, since we carry the same identity; that is we are Christians in the Southern Kaduna.

“I agree that it will not solve all the problems: the tribal languages and tribal problems would come up but giving us a state since we are carrying the same identity and we are more tolerant—we are tolerant towards the Muslims—it will help us manage our situations better.

“As long as there are silent religious interests from the other side of southern Kaduna, even if they solve the problem, there will always be imbalance, it will be to our disadvantage, rather than our advantage. I think the long run solution to the southern Kaduna is eventually to give us a state and when they do that we will begin from there,” Apostle Kure stated.

He, however, commended the Federal Government for recently sending troops to bring in order. “I also commend the International Community for taking interest because if the international community has not taken interest, the federal government would not act.

“If you ask me, it is because the international community took notice that is why the Federal Government is acting now and pressurising the state government to act positively.

“I pray the International Community will act in the same manner in other areas of conflicts in other parts of Africa where much conflicts are still going on,” he stated.

Reacting to the brouhaha over the Financial Reporting Code that led to the recent changes in The Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, he described the said code as “very unscriptural.”

Apostle Kure said the recent sack of CEO of FRC was an indication that “there are not enough checks and balances in the system. If the government has set up people that oversee what that particular department was doing and ensures that they were doing it rightly, I did not think we will have this problem.

“It is a warning to Nigerian government that some fellows representing government might just wake up some day and set the whole nation on fire. We need to be careful about that; especially at this sensitive moment when the whole world is going through all sorts of security challenges. We need to be very careful,” he warned.

Continuing, he averred that people are taking laws into their own hands because “Nigerian Christians are mild, otherwise we are not bound to obey such a law,” stressing that the work that “we do as priests is not physical and it is not human beings that ordain us to do it. The God of our covenant will always defend His covenant.”

Apostle Kure further argued: “When God gives a vision, it is for life. How do you make a visioner to hand over his vision to another man who did not receive nor understand the vision directly from God. If God has commissioned you to carry a vision, it’s only God Who can remove you when the time has come.

“The truth is that the law would be interfering with the will of God and some more serious Christians, will refuse to obey the law and that is the problem we will face in Nigeria if we continue with the law. We will have some Christians who will defile it and prefer to go to prison than disobey God,” he added.

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