Taurus although, second sign of the zodiac, is the first of the earth signs, and that means leadership ability especially when it comes to reckoning with who is who among people that have staying power and those that can be regarded as serious minded (hard workers) and practical set of peop1e.Through Venus — its’ ruler, Taurus rules money, movable possessions, and steadfastness. That is why Taurus born people hate whatever can lead to or be regarded as insecurity and they are good managers of both money and other material related resources.

You appear cool headed and like true Taurus, you can exhibit ability to be patient and the degree of perseverance in your inner—self is truly high. However, if anybody takes you for granted or try to take undue advantage of you, he/she will be surprised with the level of resistance and/or resentment you will show.

With the influence of Taurus in you, you are more of a person with powerful personality with strong determination to wear both oppositions and obstacles out of your way via renewed struggle and consistency. You see, people that do not really understand you may label you as an obstinate and excessively stubborn person. In fairness to them, there is some degree of stubbornness in you, however, if you rightly or wrongly think that failure is starring you at face, the bull in you can induce you to act like all head no heart type of a person.

Taurus element is earth, its’ quality is fixed and its’ symbol is the bull. That is why they (Taurus born persons) attach importance to money and security. In fact, financial crisis can lead to despondency for Taurus born people.

Earth connection makes you a practical person who will work very hard and patiently too. Native, of earth signs are cautious and reliab1e and they will rarely day dream. The quality of Taurus which is fixed makes it easy for you to always see your important projects to logical conclusion. Because of your unwillingness to change your mind unnecessarily, some people will call you a rigid person, but nobody can rightly accuse you of laziness. In-fact, fixed quality of Taurus is another indication of reliability in your horoscope.

As Venus— the planet of ARTS, music, beauty, money and elegance, rules Taurus, you are endowed with artistic and creativity talents. These can manifest through appreciation of good music, fine appearance and everything that symbolizes beauty, elegance and comfort. Beauty and splendor are parts of Taurus’ make up. And for you to be totally happy you must not ignore things ruled by Venus, especially the ones enumerated in this paragraph.
Even, if few disgruntled elements or ignorant hold any wrong view about you, the larger society appreciates you, and you will be adequately rewarded for your outstanding qualities and hardworking ability.

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