By Joshua Adeyemo

Dear Joshua,

I am deeply interested in Astrology: and the way you analyse people is great, keep it up.

Kindly tell me whatever you think I should know about my life together with my luck, social life and my lucky number.

James, Abuja.

Dear James,

Thank you for your words of encouragement. Too many things are important but I think what both your immediate and far future have for you must be revealed to you so that you will be prepared.

Mars in Aquarius together with Uranus are pointers to an active social life. The more influential social circle you belong to, the better for you.

You’re the cool-headed type beloved by many but once your anger manages to fly off, it can be very difficult if not dangerous; it’s because of your natal Pluto. Yet they keep coming your way.

Saturn cannot help forcing challenges on your way, luckily for you however, you have what it takes to live up to the challenges. And as Saturn will never deny it=s worthy native the deserved success, it also gives recognition.

Saturn or no Saturn, good relationship bet Mars and lucky Jupiter when you were born, are green tumb for WEALTH; you will be wealthier more than having liquid cash; nobody can stop your becoming wealthy.

Best colours for you include YELLOW, golden, black but not coconut white. Your sleeping posture should be on East/West axis with your head to the West.

Between now and your 44th year on earth (three and half years) women, money, youngster will greatly feature in your life and a few publicity cum commercial success equally indicated for you.

However come your 47th year (around that period) tough challenges which will border on stiff competition, avoidable accident, treachery and money will come your way.

Although it sounds somehow, it’s the needed tonic for and or pillar for an endless cycle of success that will follow. Therefore whatever can be shaken to the foundation or be uprooted by that time should not be initiated now.

The future is truly brilliant for you.

AURUS: Opposition between the Moon  and Pluto may induce personality clashes you don’t need at lest for now. What can help you now is love and your being persuasive. Think of the future.

GEMINI: Positive events that started yesterday will continue today. Rely more on your ability to be as bold as necessary so that you can get things done your own way at work.

CANCER: Good luck will smile at you. Romantic interlude that started last yesterday may become excitingly louder and melodious to the satisfaction of your soul.

LEO: If you allow domestic pressure to affect your working pattern, your senior colleagues may not understand and make things a bit more difficult. IF you’re stable, you will have more to gain financially.

VIRGO: After snappy aggressive approach exhibited by you yesterday ,you are back at your being pleasant self to the admiration of others. This is the wrong time to take law and it’s agents for granted. Youngs-at-heart are favoured so also commercial activities.

LIBRA: Some of you will wake up from slumber and realise mistakes about your finances early enough and make amendment but those who are reckless will commit more blunder. Beware of joint venture.

SCORPIO: Although erratic people from unexpected quarters may oppose you openly, your being self assertive will earn you both victory and financial success. Then tomorrow will prove more successful.

SAGITTARIUS: The more ambitious you are the better for you. Then you will need to ignore those with queer characteristics within your working arena.

CAPRICORN: Mixed trends are indicated. If you take good advice from your cool headed friends, you will benefit more than you imagine, but if you take to unpredictable attitude, you will today start fire that will burn with great intensity tomorrow.

AQUARIUS: If you take the veterans within your base for granted, they will fail you painfully. Yet here is a lucky day for you when your being secretive and self reliant will earn you success. Be more ambitious.

PISCES: Some of the people around you may get on your nerve via careless remarks, you must not allow them to disorganise your plans. The closer you are to the influential people the better for you.

ARIES: Money is the root of all evils says an adage. And if care is not taken, money may set you and some other people fiercely against each other to the detriment of your cause. Be cautious.

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