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Vehicle owners rush to beat speed limiter deadline

By Princewill Ekwujuru

As the February 1, 2017, deadline placed by the Federal Road Safety Commission, FRSC, on speed limiters draws nearer, transporters, private and public vehicle owners have besieged Purple Global Services & Technologies Africa, the company which specializes in installing the device in vehicles.

Director of Purple Global Services and Technologies Africa Limited, Mr. Rocheet Abbi, said there was need for motorists to look beyond FRSC enforcement and its guiding policy on speed limiter.

He said:  “Although the Commission has started the phased implementation for commercial vehicles since October 1, 2016 and will start impounding non-compliant vehicles from February 1, 2017, our advice to all motorists is to fit the device for their overall safety first. Speed is a highly reflex action, and can be enjoyable pressing the accelerator while forgetting every other thing, but what if something suddenly happens, then you are no longer in control”


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