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What would you do if your partner cheats on you on New Year’s Day?


When it comes to relationships, cheating is one of the many issues that tend to scare a lot of people. Most people see cheating as unpardonable and although it’s quite painful, they still find themselves able to forgive their partners, pick up the broken pieces and move on with their lives together. Majority of the people who have been cheated on have a constant apprehension that their partner will do it again. So, what if your partner cheats on you on the first day of the year? Would you forgive and go ahead with the relationship or would end the relationship and move on? Saturday Vanguard sought the views of celebrities on this topic and here are their responses;

It’s a bad omen – Imelda J, Singer

How can my lover be caught cheating on New Year’s Day? That’s a bad omen. If it wasn’t a new year’s day, I might have probably given him a second chance or think twice about it before making any decision. But since it is on a New year’s day,, I would have no other option than to let him be. I can’t begin my year with such a bad luck, God forbid! I will let him go so he can continue with his cheating attitude. No need to fight or hate at all. I will quietly walk away. I admit it will be painful but I will surely get over it. My new year should begin on a positive note, not with a cheating partner. I am ready to let go of anyone with bad luck who wants to stand in my way of happiness and success in 2017.

Imelda J

I don’t know what I would do- Tope Tedela, Actor

You can only hope and pray that you do not find yourself in that kind of situation. However, if I find myself in that situation, I really have no clue what I’m going to do.

He should stay away from me – Ene Ochu, Actress/Model

Aahh! On New Year’s Day? If that happens, it means God doesn’t want me to be with that men. It will be difficult to take back a man who I caught red-handed with another woman. He would have to stay away from me, that is it!

I will forgive her only if – Baba De Baba, Comedian

It depends on the level of my commitment to her. If I don’t wish to marry her, I will continue with her because I don’t have the right to tie her down to myself alone since I obviously have no plans for her. If she is a girl I truly love and wish to marry, I will forgive her if I haven’t engaged her. But if I have engaged her and she cheats, I will break up.

I can’t leave my man for any irrelevant chic – Ferrari, Actress

I already have the mindset of men being polygamous in nature. Though I will be upset, but it changes nothing. I will be very pissed that he got so careless that I caught him. He will be grounded for a while. Then, he will have to beg me with money and a lovely car to receive my forgiveness, because I can’t leave my man for any irrelevant side chic.


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