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New labour centre seeks end to workers’ sufferings

By Victor Ahiuma-Young

LAGOS—The United Labour Congress, ULC, is seeking the collaboration of progressive groups, opinion leaders and others to pressurise government to find immediate solution to the suffering and hardship Nigerians, especially workers, were going through.

ULC, in a ommuniqué at the end of its inaugural National Delegates Conference, NDC, said the new labour centre would offer hope for a new deal for workers and the people.

In the communiqué signed by its President, Comrade Joe Ajaero, the new labour federation, comprising 25 industrial unions, would become central and less prone to impunity.

The communiqué read:   “The emergence of the United Labour Congress of Nigeria, ULC, rather than weaken the labour movement, proposes the strengthening of the nation’s labour movement, generating a new vigour that would re-awaken all the necessary elements that are needed to make Nigerian workers strong.

‘’It will present Labour as a creative partner that has strategic benefits for its publics, especially employers and the government.

‘’We pledge to reposition the trade union movement as a progressive partner to all structures involved in the pursuit of national development and to restore the soul of the movement and reconnect with the desires and expectations of Nigerian workers, peoples and Nigeria.

“Though unity among personalities is strongly advocated, to place greater emphasis on the unity of ideology, the philosophical basis upon which the trade union movement is built if we still remember that it is first a consciousness, a feeling and an objective connection across the entire spectrum of workers building an un-broken chain of global citizens whose faith and destinies lay in the vicissitudes of the workplace.

‘’We have resolved to create a movement that is purely anchored on our original philosophies creating a coherent and vibrant platform upon which to engage our present realities and enthrone a trade union movement prepared to endure into the future.”














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