Dear Joshua,

KINDLY analyse my star and tell me about myself especially my luck. I want to know about my love life, social life and how to become successful in life. I have seen people who are close to me became big success without much struggle from them. Would my own be like them too?

Wasiu, Kaduna.

Dear Wasiu,

You are different to those you said came by success: in your own case you will need to work hard and earn success.

It is important you watch and take practical precaution about inability to hold on to your gains for long. Some times unexpected assistance use to come your way at 11th hour.

Your being friendly with the influential personalities especially WOMEN will help your finance greatly speculative (and) venture is not the best for you. Your magnetic personality makes it difficult for members of your opposite sex to the betterment of your love life.

Luckily for you, you know how not to allow your  rugged/rigid personality to harm your love life; you are a sweet lover, although can be argumentative some times. Love happiness indicated for you.

If you can analyse both your environment and social situation, you will have more to gain from social activities more than it’s attendant pressure.

You will need to drop unnecessary rebellious approach when dealing with your social life; although what looks like radical approach can earn you a few number of friends who may not be in position to assist you.

Many people love your gentle approach and will be willing to assist you especially the more influential personalities. Once again women can be helpful here

If you expect easy success, you would be frustrated because Saturn-the planet of delay, frustration but greater reward after much struggles, was with the sun (basic-self-hood) when you were born. Thus it will not allow easy success. And at the same time will not deny you whatever you deserve.

The same Saturn will reward you with RECOGNITION WOMEN, children and younger people can enhance your prospects. Colours RED, WHITE and pink are good for you. Sleeping North/South axes with your head to the North is good for you.


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