December 17, 2016

BSN launches 77 Nigerian Sign Language Bible

BSN launches 77 Nigerian Sign Language Bible


By Olayinka Latona

DETERMINED to make the Bible available to over 1.8 million Nigerians with hearing impairment, the Christian Mission for the Deaf Church, Nigeria in collaboration with DOOR International, the Presbyterian Church Nigeria and the Bible Society of Nigeria recently launched 77 Chronological Bible Translation for the Nigerian Sign Language Bible.

The General Secretary, Bible Society of Nigeria, BSN, Rev. Dare Ajiboye expressed delight that 77 Bible stories were added to the previous translation that contained 32 stories which was launched in 2014, adding that with the bible the deaf would be able to, through the signs in the DVD, read and understand the Word of God.

Ajiboye therefore urged churches in the country to assist the physically challenged, maintaining that they need help.

In his words: “We are happy today that we are dedicating another 77 Chronological Bible stories for the deaf. It is capital intensive but we believe that with the latest addition, the deaf in Nigeria will have more access to the word of God and will no longer be hindered knowing the mind of God for them.

“The sighted have the Bible in different versions, the blind have the Brail Bible but the deaf until 2014 in Nigeria have no access to the Word of God in sign language and that is why we believe that this project will go a long way to win more souls to the kingdom of God in the community of the deaf,” he noted.

Continuing, he appealed to all Nigerians, especially Christians to support the project by making Bible available for the deaf, believing that the provision has the capacity to reduce social vices in the country; “that is why we believe that if government supports us, it will improve their literacy and they will be more useful to the society instead of begging.”

Representing the moderator of the General Assembly, the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria, Most Rev. Nzie Nsi Eke, chairman, Nigerian Sign Language Bible Committee, Rev. Comfort Okoroafor challenged the deaf to read the Word of God, obey His commandment and tell others about Jesus Christ.