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In lust with my sister–in-law


I’m in my mid-forties, married for close to ten years with three adorable children. About a year ago, my wife’s half sister came to stay with us so that she could resit for her JAMB exams. She is going to be twenty soon and this is her first long stay in Lagos. Apart from being respectful, she is very pretty in a native way and I lusted after her.

I thought she would rebuff me when I eventually had the courage to approach her, but I was quite surprised at her experience. It was, therefore, a delight making love to her. I’ve made it worth her while by giving her every material thing she needs.

My problem is that she will soon be going back to her parents, and I dread the idea of her going, although she’s quite happy about moving on. Should I try to make our relationship last longer?

Kanmbi, by e-mail.

Dear Kanmbi,

Do you really have a relationship with this girl? If she had never come into your life, you’d still be a contented husband and father. You have betraYf.4 your trusting wife, but, that’s not the point now. What you want to do now is to let her go and settle back into what was once a happy family life. In the meantime, thank your lucky star that your wife did not find out your treachery and there is no unwanted pregnancy to consider. Next time, remember that it is always dangerous to graze nearer home!



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