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Attack on Aladja, attack on Urhobo nation?(2)

Continued from yestrday’s Viewpoints pg

By Ekanpou Enewaridideke

BY calling for war between Urhobo and Ijaw over a communal clash between Isaba and Aladja, Chief Omene has desecrated both the directional codes of Urhobo culture and the ethics of the engineering profession.

Urhobo as a nation has never waged war against Ijaw as a nation and they will never because their existence is anchored on economic inter-dependence beyond their inseparable links of consanguinity. Chief Omene and Mr. Subi must not drag Ijaw and Urhobo into senseless war of fratricide. Urhobo is a great nation guided by sacrosanct directional ethos and principles built into the leadership of UPU. Urhobo does not belong to Chief Omene and Mr. Subi alone.

I am equally an Urhobo; my roots are buried in the SOKOH FAMILY in Udu Council just as they are buried in Hwetemu family of Akpo quarter in Okwagbe Inland. If you consider this my claim of URHOBOSHIP a mere intellectual exercise, find out from Mr. Sokoh Saiki, the current chairman of Sokoh family in Udu Local Government Area. Also find out the authenticity of this claim from Jacob Ogedegbe the old soldier, Avwovio, Tame Kekegbu, Jacob Ajuru Ogbedegbe, James Aberuo, Samuel Mukoro and Sleek Ogima  Osharetoto of Hwetemu family in Okwagbe Inland.

It would be sacrilegious  for Urhobo and Ijaw to go to war no matter the hyperbolised instigation from Chief Omene and Mr. Subi whose emotional outbursts have begotten meaningless monsters of shivering and fear of attack. Do Chief Omene and Mr. Subi know they are verbally acting out the character of Ewiri in JP Clark’s OZIDIC – Ewiri who perpetually hoodwinks young Ozidi into atrocious war with Tebesonoma?

Do they know that young Ozidi, on the fabricated stories of Ewiri, kills Tebesonoma, Tebesonoma’s innocent sister and son, and eventually ‘cuts Odogu down’, and ‘mows down his own grandmother’ Oreame (Ozidi, 114) who was his main mystical empowerment base? For merchants of ethnic war, be reminded that no channels would be opened for EWIRISATION of the communal clash between Isaba and Aladja into a major ethnic war between Urhobo and Ijaw because that would be a sail into OZIDISM.

Now that it has become clear that what is being touted as an ethnic war between Ijaw and Urhobo is indeed a mere communal war between Isaba and Aladja. Urhobo nation has not declared war against Ijaw nation; or better still, if there is a war against Ijaw nation, it is a war unilaterally declared by Chief Omene and Mr. Subi and so the Urhobo nation and Ijaw nation can never be tricked into war by two Urhobos. On Chief Omene’s emotional outburst, I am convinced he must have been misquoted by the The Urhobo Voice – because engineers are not notorious for war-mongering and war-thirst.

Chief Opudu’s prompt bringing together of chairmen of Warri South-West Council and Udu Council and others from the war-torn communities to embrace a peace accord is commendable. Rather than verbally heighten tension and instigate war through the declaration of 14-day ultimatum and distort the general stand of Urhobo nation on this matter, Chief Omene and Mr. Subi should join hands with Chief Opudu in his peace moves. If Chief Omene and Mr. Subi team up with Chief Opudu, no further clash between Isaba and Aladja would resurface.

For a permanent peace between Isaba and Aladja communities,particularly now that Chief Opudu is working devotedly for a very peaceful resolution through the implementation of the mutually worked-out peace accord,particularly now that there are clear markers that Chief Omene and Mr. Subi have misfired in their war-thirsty outbursts which do not correspond to the generally acclaimed rhythm of the great Urhobo nation on the the Isaba-Aladja communal conflict, fan no more the ethnic embers of war through the deployment of hyperbolised metaphors of invitation to war. Chief Omene, Mr. Sunday Subi and all merchants of ethnic war between Urhobo and Ijaw, be didactically stirred by the words of Matthew Arnold in ‘Dover Beach’ when he said:

‘Ah, Love, let us be true

To one another! For the world, which seems

To lie before us like a land of dreams,

So various, so beautiful, so new,

Hath really neither joy, nor love, nor light,

Nor certitude, nor peace, nor help for pain,

And we are here as on a darkling plain

Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight

Where ignorant armies clash by night’

CHARACTERISTICALLY stirred by the words of the poet Arnold, the Urhobos and  Ijaws will not fight ignorantly at night or day disorientated by confusing ethnic alarms of struggle and flight no matter the targeted verbal blandishments infused into it.

, no matter the targeted magnification conceptually created to ensnare unwary youths. The satanic wishful thinkers  and merchants of ethnic war who may be emotionally tempted to celebrate the targeted outbreak of ethnic war between Urhobo and Ijaw have failed woefully because Matthew Arnold has opened their eyes to the futility of war…


Writes from Akparemogbene,

Delta State




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