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America’s sore losers (2)

By Ochereome Nnanna
HE candidacy of Donald Trump appealed to me for a variety of reasons. I like the Republican Party because they tend to propagate the core foundational values which make America a country that appeals to me in a special way. I respect the Democratic Party because they tend to expend the frontiers of civil rights, which means that the Minorities are more included. But I am more of the former than the latter.

The only thing that committed me to the presidency of Barack Obama was the fact that he is a Black man fathered by a native African. His emergence demonstrated that American Dream thing which says anyone who works hard enough can become anything, irrespective of the circumstance of birth, race, colour or whatever. That is the dream I have for my country, Nigeria, (where I consider myself as a campaigner for equity) which was manifested (even if by fluke) in the presidency of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, a Minority Ijaw from the smallest state in Nigeria, Bayelsa.

However, I detest Obama’s permissive, liberal ideology, which is obviously shared by the Clinton political family. Under the Clinton and Obama dispensations, America was rapidly unhinged from its cherished, inward-looking, self-dependent tradition to embrace everything-goes globalism. It was this factor that drove the Obama regime to encourage, support and sometimes even arm opposition “pro-democracy” elements in the Arab Muslim world to overthrow their local dictators and unwittingly open the door for Al Qaeda and Islamic State terrorists to infest their now ungovernable countries; a trend that cost Nigeria so dearly in terms of human lives and resources to contain Boko Haram.

Obama’s regime was vicariously responsible for the Middle East refugee crises and the Muslim invasion of Europe, thus fulfilling Al Qaeda’s “prophecy” that even if the Islamisation of Europe by military means fails, Muslims would capitalise on the West and Europe’s liberal policies to move in and, through rapid population expansion, become the Majority by 2050. This would turn the continent into a Muslim caliphate. This was probably why Trump kept insisting that Obama was a “secret Muslim”.

America was founded on Christian principles. The facts are there in every major national memorial or symbol, including its national currency (the Dollar) which boldly declares: “In God We Trust”. But today, the Democrats-inspired judiciary has twisted the interpretation of the laws so out of shape and puts atheism on the throne. A Christian preacher who condemns gay lifestyle or homosexuality will go to jail because it is seen as “hate speech”. Schools can no longer honour God through morning devotion.

And these were the values which Obama and his cohorts were pushing on Africa. When we adopted a law criminalising gay lifestyle in Nigeria in tune with our values and religious beliefs, America with Hillary Clinton as its Secretary of State threatened us with dire consequences. Trump has made an open commitment to return America to its Christian values which, however, do not interfere with the rights of non-Christians in any way.

I supported Brexit, and I fully support Trump’s policy of limiting the influx of certain types of foreigners from flooding America, based on their well-established capacity to threaten the security of the countries that embraced them in the name of common humanity which does not obtain where they are coming from. I do not see anything wrong in his intention to deport illegal aliens, especially those with criminal records. We did it to Ghanaians and other illegal aliens 35 years ago, though not because they were criminals as such. Ghanaians went back to their country, cleaned it up, suffered temporary pains and today, the country is the one using unfriendly policies to encourage Nigerians in their country to leave.

We cannot spoil our country and run to other people’s countries. Migration is a legitimate, natural phenomenon, but it must be done according to the laws of the host countries. It is our duty to remain here and solve our problems by ourselves. Nigeria can never change as long as we believe that we can always run to Britain and America. If we are forced to stay here, we will wake up one day and chase away the demons that are making it impossible for Nigeria to work.

It is a great pity that many of us are sending our pregnant wives to America to give birth to confer automatic American citizenship on them. We are voluntarily donating our children to a foreign country. When these children grow up they will stay put in their country – America. So, what is the point? It is not even this category of people that Trump is after but the people who went there illegally and are living on the fringes of society. Why are we complaining?

I am happy that many of us are coming back to our senses since Trump won the election. It is in the interest of the native Black Americans and other Minorities to calm down and see what Trump has in store first. Let them stop stoking the embers of racial hatred against the Whites. It will not augur well for anyone. Without the humane disposition of majority of the Whites, Obama would never have been president.

I have read Donald Trump’s book which he authored together with Bill Zanker simply entitled: “Think Big”.  The simple impression I get is that the man is a very imaginative, straightforward, practical person; the ultimate Mr. Big Shot. He will be your friend if you come to him with genuine friendship, but he will give you a fight of your life if you decide to fight. That is my kind of person. His victory, together with the twin incidence of Brexit, will allow more countries to take hold of their own destinies while still relating with other countries based on mutual interests.

Those street protesters should go home and respect the mandate given to Trump. Those of them who are illegal aliens should pack their things. After all, there is no place like home.



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