By Ebele Orakpo

‘Abeg, where is Nigeria headed?” asked Iyke, a commuter in the CMS-bound bus. “The President is saying we should sell our assets. Is that the solution? Sell to who?

The same people that stole us dry? Remember the Bureau of Public Enterprise wahala? How those at the helm sold to themselves and their cronies?”

“But why can’t these leaders sit down and think of a way of solving the problems and getting the nation back on her feet? Is selling of assets the solution?” asked John.

Said Mary: “My take is this: If selling of our assets will help us, then let’s do it. After all, the government is not managing anything well. Government is not meant to run any business but to make policies and create conducive environment for the private sector to grow the economy.”

“Funny enough, it was Dangote who suggested the sale of assets. I’m sure he is ready to buy. According to him, Nigeria is better off doing that than going to borrow from the international market,” said Joe.

Said John: “Tell me, you are kidding?! How could he say that?” Someone like him that has benefitted immensely from the government should have been thinking of lending money to Nigeria to help her get out of recession. But alas, he is thinking of how to buy more of our assets. Haba! He has benefitted from this country so much for crying out loud!”


“I wasn’t joking at all. I saw him on TV and heard him clearly,” said Joe.

“If na you be Dangote, you go lend money to Nigerian government? I pity whoever will do that because the same politicians will corner the money for personal use while the masses continue to suffer. My own worry be say if we sell our assets to individuals, we become slaves to them. Na dat time we go see the one wey pass senior cabal,” said Iyke.

“E be like say this government has given us a selling spirit. People now sell their property and children in order to survive. Abeg, make them sell Nigeria too to someone that will manage her better,” said Pat.

Said Mary: “Ah, make I talk the latest. Now in Niger State, people are so hungry that they waylay school children and take their food from them. But seriously, we wouldn’t have been in this mess if Jonathan had saved for the rainy day.”

“O yeah? And you have conveniently forgotten when some governors took the Federal Government to the Supreme Court to compel Dr. Okonjo-Iweala to share the money she was supposed to save for the rainy day? The court ruled that the government has no right saving that money. Now the chickens have come home to roost, so let all of us enjoy the ride,” said Iyke.

“I will suggest that instead of selling our assets to a few individuals, we should make the politicians, from PMB, to his vice, NASS members, governors etc, all stop taking allowances and the Presidential fleet sold for starters. All the extra bomb and bullet-proof vehicles sold. That will get us somewhere,” said Mercy.

“Hmmm, you are on your own oo. Senator Adeyeye suggested the senators should reduce their estacodes, salaries, etc and they shouted him down,” said John.

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