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Untag Those Heels

It was always a joy to buy a pair of new shoes, especially for lovers like myself. Sometimes you go out with the intention of buying one pair of shoes for a particular outfit or corporate suit or occasion; somehow you become attracted to another pair; the price seems reasonable so “ why not”  you buy them?

With all the shoes you have collected over the last year or so do some of them still have the price tag on them?. Have you ever been a victim of wearing shoes having left the price tag on them? I believe it is one of the most embarrassing moments you can experience. If it goes unnoticed, then no harm done, but if you have to be stopped and told, then the situation becomes awkward. It could happen to anyone. It is an essential step to take whenever you buy a pair of new shoes, even celebrities have been found to fall victim of the price tag syndrome. No matter how dressed you may be, avoid sabotaging your image by taking care of the fine details.

So much goes into the buying, the wearing and the caring of shoes. It goes beyond just buying the shoes and throwing them in one corner once you get home.Somehow, in the climate we live in today, the humidity is actually ruining many shoes from soles falling apart to leather scaling and platforms dismantling at the slightest pressure.

Strategies for Wearing and Preserving Your Heels.

  • Comfort First

Choose shoes that are comfortable to wear the very day you try therm on.  Identify those shoes that you know will not give you issues two hours into wearing them.

  • Payment Practice

When paying for your shoes, you may decide to remove the price tag immediately at the point of sale.  It is only when you may think of returning the shoes, that you should keep the price tag when buying the shoes in a reputable store.

  • Box Them

It is a good idea to have your shoes sold to you in their own box for best preservation. At times it may seem uncomfortable and heavy to have to carry the box around. Alternatively if the shoes come with shoe bags then opt for that to keep your shoes.

  • Store Well
    The weather is doing so much damage to shoes and clothing especially  when kept in a tight stuffy place. Keep your shoes in an airy place at home,not in a cupboard where heat and    moist can attack them. Alternatiely keep your room windoes open once in a while or bring your shoes out to receive direct sun.
  • Bag Them

Invest in shoe bags to help absorb the humidity in the environment. They can                   be purchased for a very cheap price in packs of ten. The fabric is light and                                            semi transparent to identify your shoes.

  • What Ground

                                      When wearing shoes  know the type of surface you will be trending on for the                       day whether it is grass, soft ground or concrete. Not all heels can withstand                                       all surfaces, protect your heels.

  • Your Feet

                                      If you suffer from corn in your feet, buy wide fitting shoes. You may keep a                                                                               shoe potector inside the shoes to keep the leather from contracting.Carry                                              along extra pumps or low slippers in your bag for eventualities and relief.

  • Care for Them

                                      Keep your shoes polished always, avoid waiting for wear and tear when                                      preserving them. Be quick to repair any faults in your shoes.

  • Watch your posture when you walk no matter the height of your heels. Your charm and elegance is seen in the shoes you wear. Fabulous feet complete your look and compliment your image. Shoes maketh you!


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