Reduction in intake of alcohol could help treat liver cirrhosis, Dr. Okezie Emenike, an Abuja based medical doctor, has said.

In an interview with newsmen on Thursday in Abuja, he described “liver cirrhosis as the scarring of liver and poor liver function seen at the terminal stage of chronic liver disease’’.

According to him, the disease is mostly caused by long term exposure to toxins such as alcohol and viral infections.

He stated that limitations to one or two drinks and avoiding daily drinking as well as maintaining a healthy and balanced diet helps reduce the risk of developing the disease.

He noted that practice of safe sex, hepatitis free, avoiding dirty needles and avoid the consumption of uncooked shell fish also helps in preventing the development of liver cirrhosis.

Emenike stressed that avoiding exposure to industrial chemicals was another measure of preventing liver damage.

Besides, the medical doctor said that taking hepatitis B vaccinations helps the body produce antibodies which helps prevent the contraction of hepatitis and as well reduce the risk of developing liver cirrhosis.

Emenike added that the treatment of liver cirrhosis depends on the underlying cause and the extent of damage on the liver.

He suggested total abstinence from alcohol intake, weight reduction, medications to control hepatitis as well as medications to control other causes of cirrhosis to help treat it.

Emenike also recommended the use of antibiotics to treat infections, liver transplant as well as vaccination for pneumonia and hepatitis in order to treat the disease.

However, he urged patients with liver cirrhosis to go for blood test and ultrasound exams every six months to look out for liver cancer.

He also advised patients to seek medical help as well as administer prescribed medications in order to prevent build up of toxins in the blood.

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