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Association wants pay rise for teachers every two years

Islamiat Oshodi, President, Association for Childhood Education Practitioners (ACEP), on Thursday urged government to consider pay rise every two years for teachers in both public and private schools.

Oshodi stated this in Lagos on the sidelines of the 2016 ‎Teachers Day Celebration that increasing teachers’ salaries would enhance their commitment to duty.

“The teachers are valuables and their works are priceless.

“To improve teacher’s status in Nigeria, employers in the public and private schools must pay teachers higher salaries commensurable with their valuable job. ‎

“Paying higher salaries to teachers and respecting them will go a long way to improve their status in the society.

“This will also contribute to increased performance in the classroom and dedication to their job.

“Which in turn will reflect positively in the lives of the students and the nation,’’ she said.

According to Oshodi, teachers are the back bone of the society and play a key role in shaping and building the country’s future leaders.

“Teachers produce people of different professions and ingenuity,’’ she said.

Earlier at the event, Oshodi lamented that teachers were not accorded the recognition they deserved despite their importance in nation building.

“Many teachers are still been owed backlog of salaries in the country and they are no longer rewarded for their tremendous job.

“They no longer receive state or national merit awards,’’ she said.

Oshodi urged government to recruit, train and pay more qualified candidates as teachers to improve students’ performance and raise the status of the teaching profession.

“In countries like Korea, Singapore and Finland, high performing college graduates are recruited for teaching positions,’’ she said.

She also called on the government adapt common academic standards, prioritise education.


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