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Your relationship with your husband can influence conception

By Bridget Osho

TODAY I will be talking about the importance of having a good relationship with your spouse in order to improve your chances of conceiving a baby and you might think why are we talking about this? How does it affecting me getting pregnant as long as the sperm meets the egg? I’m just going to explain couple of reasons why it’s so important.

The first one is, if you don’t have a good relations with your spouse, you are likely to have less sex, it sounds obvious but one that still needs to be said. If you don’t have enough sex, it will be difficult to get pregnant. If you have been following me, you will also know that it’s possible to know fertile periods when you are trying to get pregnant so you could argue that as long as you know when you are ovulating, you don’t need to have sex with your husband on a regular basis.


This, however. Puts a strain on the relationship of the couple, because you are now the woman who takes her husband’s sexual connection or intimacy only when she’s ovulating.

The man then starts to feel a bit resentful for being used. It’s true he also wants the baby but he also might be missing that connection that both of you need to have.

He knows you only want to have sex with them because you are ovulating, then he starts to panic. That’s when he wants to sleep or work late because, in his mind, you have reduced him to a sperm donor, he feels if you don’t get pregnant, it’s his fault. Please be aware that it’s important you maintain a cordial relationship with your husband and not just have sex during ovulation time.


In addition to have a happy and successful pregnancy even after conception, building a foundation with your husband is also important because it will help you and provide that support you really need for a successful pregnancy.

Research has shown that women who have supporting husbands are more likely to have successful pregnancies, so you want to make sure your relationship is cordial.

The second reason, our minds are very powerful. If you have any form of resentment towards your husband or he has with you, or you both are not connecting, you might actually be feeling burdened about the fact that you want to have a family with the man, you might not know, but that can be sabotaging your effort in a subconscious way.



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