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How photography moved from studios to Selfies

By Laju Iren

Less than two decades ago, taking  pictures required a lot of preparations. Children would be excited and mothers finicky about going to the studio to have their photos taken. Needless to say, things are different today. Now, in the smartphone era, most people have cameras on them at all times.

The prevalence to cameras has been instrumental in the rise of social media and has also helped enhance as well as streamlined the spread of information. There is an increasing common tendency for people to automatically catalogue their lives. Today’s front-facing cameras can capture images in higher resolution than the back-facing cameras of phones from previous generation.

For example, the LG G5’s 8MP front-facing camera is many times more powerful than what was available on the G2 just 3 years ago. The G5 from LG Electronics is a masterpiece perfectly equipped with technology to capture lovely moments that will far outlive the moment. With its 360 degree camera that captures image from virtually all angles makes it possible to have a clear view of interesting moments. The era of social media has taken over the digital space with life feel events from all works of life.

As social media platforms become more and more similar to traditional television stations, the gap between content creators and consumers continues to narrow. Consumers have never been more thrilled than now to watch the content they want, leave comments and even create content of their own. The urge to use mobile video has been lucrative for social networks, yet offers enough room for expansion. Other ways for smartphone cameras to interact with home appliances will undoubtedly emerge in the near future, and the potential uses for the technology are only limited by our imagination. The line between the real and the virtual worlds is becoming blurred and will soon disappear completely.


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