September 26, 2016

Online platform improves access to made-in-Nigeria goods

Nigeria’s premier online B2B platform, an e-strategy and sales advisory company,, has introduced an online portal designed with best-in-class sourcing and negotiation technology to help local manufacturers and farmers access a growing network of suppliers and buyers.

The product, which is already making inroad in the country’s market, is a facilitator and negotiator of tenders on a web-based platform.

During his presentation over the weekend, Marketing Manager, Simeon Nofa, said, “ has basic, premium and professional packages. These packages provide companies the opportunity to experience online sourcing and enjoy significant savings without substantial commitment of time and resources.

“All packages are easy to use. They require minimal training and offer quick return on investment. We recommend packages based on the size of the company, annual sourcing costs and the number of procurement and associate professionals that will use the product”.

Speaking on how negotiation is facilitated he said, “We do not negotiate for either buyers or sellers. To engender neutrality, the platform is administrated by an impartial third-party company to ensure a fair process for suppliers and buyers.”

Responding to journalists at the launch, COO, Olufemi Aguda said, “This is our own little way of promoting made-in-Nigeria goods and intra and inter-Africa trade. It is our way of increasing the ease of doing business, improving the lives through trade, and supporting the diversification and non-oil revenue increment drive of government.”

On how will help local manufacturers and contribute to national development, Femi explained that offers support facilities to local producers who oftentimes are not technology savvy or informed and provides information and advisory services to local business owners on what to do to standardize their products and make them more attractive in global markets.”

On the importance of sourcing to businesses, Nofa said, “Strategic sourcing provides the single greatest opportunity to impact the cost, quality and performance of a company’s supply chain , but sadly, several constraints including tightening of supply markets, have stopped many companies from achieving their full sourcing potential.

Our online portal solution, he said, will however enable companies of any industry, size, or geography to deliver fast, sustainable results across the sourcing life cycle.”

He added that the product identify savings opportunities, assess market dynamics, and develop an informed sourcing lifecycle.”