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Olu of Warri gives out first chieftaincy titles, honoures Prof. Alele-Williams, 4 others

By Egufe Yafugborhi
WARRI – NIGERIA’s first female Vice Chancellor and Professor of Mathematics, Grace Alele-Williams along with four others were Friday honoured by the 20th Olu of Warri, His Majesty, Ogiame Ikenwole’s first conferment of chieftaincy titles since his enthronement last year.

The Warri monarch at his Palace said the five titles given out were precursor to more titles he would roll out to other deserving recipients over the coming weeks running till end of November as part celebration of his first coronation anniversary.

Ogiame Ikenwole said, “Before people have been coming to me and talking eagerly of chieftaincy titles. I told them I was just settling down and titles will come at the right time. I appointed a search committee to locate deserving recipients.

“What you are witnessing today (Friday) is the result of the work that committee has done. From now till end of November, every weekend, more titles will be coffered on deserving recipients.

“The conferment of titles in this kingdom is strictly on merit. I made it clear from the very beginning that only credible people who have interest and unity of Itsekiri at heart will be bestowed with chieftaincy titles. That is what we have demonstrated and we will stick to that.”

The Warri monarch warned his subjects who indulged in use the social media in manners tending to bring disrepute to the kingdom as well as those still giving impression of division in Itsekiri youth leaders to desist or face dire penalty.

The Olu of Warri
The Olu of Warri

“Anyone indulging in these acts or insulting the kingdom must refrain. By the end of November, anyone who still chooses to disobey the throne probably because you occupy one political office or has some big money that is intoxicating will have his or herself to blame.

“Disregard hearsay and baseless rumours concerning the kingdom. From time to time I will be addressing the people and issues concerning Itsekiri. Communities with court cases or infighting must withdraw those cases, close ranks and forge ahead. My prayer is to allow only ceaseless celebration and that joy shall reign in my time in Itsekiri land”, he charged.

The monarch while celebrating dignitaries from Ijaw, Urhobo and other immediate neighbors who graced the occasion also reiterated, “I made it clear that I am here to build bridges of unity. Let what happens to one of us be celebrated by us all.

Let us tell the whole world that we are one Delta state. Let us prove outsiders wrong about bad impressions being created said about us. I am happy, Ijaws, Urhobos and other of our immediate neighbors have come here to celebrate with us. Let’s keep this spirit.

Those conferred with various titles include Prof. Alele-Williams who was conferred with Utienyin Iwere of Warri, a.k.a Oluebeje, Eyitimi Arthur Diden (Ideofene of Warri) a.k.a Agboburukun Jakan, Pa Akoma Dimeyin (Omokun of Warri) a.k.a Agbewu, Mercy Olowu ( Utukpa Iwere of Warri) a.k.a Eriegwa and Omolubi Nenewumi (Omatamudieyin of Warri) a.k.a egindegereyugba.


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