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When Fayose turns the heat on Ekiti Assembly

By Rotimi Ojomoyela

THERE was a political earth tremor in the camp of Governor Ayodele Fayose during the week and by the time the dust settled, the fate of two of his trusted allies and disciples in the Ekiti State House of Assembly were hanging in the balance.

While the Deputy Speaker, Hon Segun Adewumi narrowly escaped being impeached by members, his colleague,  the Chairman, House Committee on Information, Hon Gboyega Aribisogan, was said to have been suspended at the assembly’s parliamentary meeting on Monday.

For a moment, it appeared as if the firm grip of Governor Fayose on the Ekiti State House of Assembly was slipping away and members whose loyalty to their chief executive had never been in doubt, are gradually gravitating towards the highest bidder, with who it seems their lot would be better.

The duo, Adewumi and Aribisogan may appear not to have lost sweat but their political future appears to be under threat.

As soon as Fayose got the wind of their surreptitious move, he ordered the impeachment of the Deputy Speaker and his replacement with Hon Dayo Akinleye, representing Ijero constituency.

Attempts by the Speaker of the Assembly, Hon. Kola Oluwawole to debunk the insinuation that a  leadership crisis was brewing in the assembly fell flat on its face, as he had unknowingly dropped the hint that there was a stand-off and this confirmed the rumour  that it was no longer at ease in the Assembly.

Oluwawole said: “Nothing of such happened. I am not aware of any impeachment or suspension plot. The Deputy Speaker is still there as my deputy. But let me make it clear here that whatever issues we have in the assembly shall be resolved amicably . It is a family affair because members of the assembly operate like a family.”

Their offence: The duo were accused of allegedly hobnobbing with members of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, loyal to a Senator from Ogun State.

The said Senator has been having a running battle with Governor Fayose over the control of the PDP in the Southwest.

According to political watchers, Fayose did not take the offence lightly. To him, loyalty must be total and absolute.

Everyone in his camp must display the same hostility to his political enemies within and outside the PDP;  whoever contravenes this unwritten code must be ostracised.

Fayose’s bitter experience

His impeachment in 2006, though recently declared illegal by the Supreme Court has taught him a bitter lesson.

From the onset, he made it abundantly clear to his party men before the 2015 general elections that only those, who are loyal to him would be given slots at the Assembly.

His party gave him a free hand to determine those, who would be at the Assembly, thus they owe their political existence to him and he can decide when to quench it.

Adewumi and Aribisogan represent Ekiti West Constituency 1 and Ikole constituency 1 respectively in the state House of Assembly at the behest of Fayose, who single-handedly picked them, not because of their political clout in practical terms but out of their demonstrable loyalty. The great popularity of the Governor gave the duo seats in the House of Assembly at the 2015 general elections.

Some political analysts in the state, who preferred  anonymity, opined that despite the fact that the duo have been forgiven of their offences and allowed to retain their seats in the house and to continue to function in their respective offices, they have been told in practical terms that their principal, Governor Fayose brooks no rebellion.



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