September 13, 2016

Detoxification, exercise can reduce obesity — EDMARK

By Gabriel Olawale

Nigerians confronted with challenges of overweight have been advised to detoxify as a way of getting rid of waste matter that accumulates and adheres to their intestinal walls.

Speaking at the groundbreaking of Edmark D’Podium International event centre in Lagos, the Chairman Edmark Group of Companies, Mr. Sam Low, said  many people in the bid to achieve desired Body Mass Index, BMI, engage in series of exercises and when the expected result are not visible, they get frustrated.

“Exercise is good for improving someone’s cardiometabolic health and reducing the risk of diabetes and heart disease, but to achieve desirable BMI, no matter the amount of exercise carried out by overweight or obese people, without detoxification, their efforts will be in vain.

Low said that when the intestines get obstructed, no matter the amount of nutrients taken will be of any use, “because your colon is slack, so it cannot absorb the nutrient. So even if you exercise, nothing will happen.”

He explained that it’s good to achieve normal BMI considering series of health challenges associated with overweight or obesity, “Obesity can cause heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, asthma, breathing problems and even lower immune system.”

Low cautioned people to be watchful of their lifestyle as obesity is fuelled by economic and psychosocial factors as well as increased availability of energy dense food and reduced physical activity.

“A person becomes obese when he or she eats too much high calorie meals than he or she burns it.”

“In Edmark, we do not only help individuals to reclaim their health by fighting obesity, but committed to helping people attain balance digestive system, assists in purifying blood, eliminates bacteria, disinfects and detoxifies.