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Finally, help for Shehu Sani

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By Jonah Andrew

The people of Kaduna Central Senatorial District should be ruing their choice of Senator Shehu Sani (All Progressives Congress, APC) by now. If they nor already full of remorse, then it means they are still unawares that they have been had. It turned out that their senator has no interest in focusing on their interest at the National Assembly but is instead consumed by the obsession of being the governor of Kaduna state.

Senator Shehu Sani cannot even exercise the restraint and decorum that would have been becoming of a federal lawmaker in waiting for his opportunity to take a shot at the governorship bid in 2019 and has allowed this to constitute a distraction to him and the assignment for which he is drawing federal salary.

This distraction is expressed as a frightening obsession with the Kaduna state governor, Malam Nasir El-Rufai, whom Sani has blamed for everything from the changing weather pattern to the prolonged multi-fronts war in Syria. It matters not is the senator is spilling unintelligible babble so long as he sees himself as attacking his arch enemy.

He has gotten away with this on too many occasions, including when his comments jeopardised harmonious living among the diverse population of not just Kaduna state but the entire Nigeria. This clearly shows a dangerous bent of mind that must be addressed before he gets to the extreme and trigger an avoidable crisis.

His latest tirade about how El-Rufai was part of Nigeria’s problem by being a member of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) for fourteen years. This is the most glaring proof yet that Sani has lost the ability to assess issues on the strength of hard cold facts owing to his passionate hatred for a man he is desperate to unseat.

He spoke about how the Kaduna state governor could not say he is a ‘repented man’ because he has only spent two years in the APC as opposed to 14 in the PDP.

First, our dear senator should know that it is possible for a man to have repented in just 14 days after spending 14 years in a previous life. But El-Rufai is not in need of repentance because he is one of the few people that gave the PDP its redeeming moment.

The Abuja Geographical Information System (AGIS), which Sani would have benefited from either as an Abuja landlord or tenant, is one landmark achievement that El-Rufai has to his credit. Property owners in the nation’s capital can attest to the rest of mind derived from the system and the value it has added to property. So wonderful is this initiative that several states of the federation have now replicated it for land title management.

The reform of the Federal Civil Service that has made it possible for the federal government not have mentioned downsizing under the current economic realities is kudos to El-Rufai’s work when he drove that reform as a PDP member. There ae several other things for which the country is grateful to the incumbent Kaduna state governor. Sani has to, somehow, between his petulant fits, realise that it is possible for an individual to be above the shortcomings that are dominant among the people he associates with.

By the way, when these reforms where being implemented by El-Rufai in those days there was public outcry and condemnation of the policies as draconian and anti-people. Today we all know better. This is why it is surprising that Sani is not being a good student of history with his claim that the policies of the current government in Kaduna state is imposing hardship on the people. If mistakes were made in the past correcting them will come with some measure of pain so it is ridiculous that a serving senator is eager to exploit ongoing reforms to whip up public angst. It seems he is desperate to present himself as a populist who feels the pains of citizens.

If the Senator is truly passionate about Kaduna state and not his 2019 ambition, the logical thing for him to do is talk to a therapist. He will then be able to deal with his unresolved issues with professional help. At the end of such intervention he would come to the realisation that the best approach is to quieten down and allow the governor to do the work he was elected to do while he also settles down as a lawmaker at the National Assembly.

This clarity would allow El-Rufai continue the mission of returning Kaduna state to becoming an economic powerhouse. Sani on his part would be able to devote his energy and attention to what he has been elected to do, which is to represent of Kaduna Central Senatorial District. If he has any ideas as to how the state can be made better there are civil and courteous channels that would ensure his views and ideas get consideration. He can also support the state government by championing legislations that would foster its economy.

But should Senator Shehu Sani continue with this dance of shame in the market square, the responsibility falls to the people of Kaduna Central Senatorial District to do the entire state a favour by commencing his recall. There is still the whole of two years that a more focused individual can service their interests as opposed to the ongoing shenanigans, which absolutely contributes nothing to the wellbeing of the thousands of people that braved the elements to cast their vote for him.

Jonah Andrew wrote from Ethiopia Crescent, Barnawa, Kaduna State.

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