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Overcoming sexual challenges through regenerative medicine

By Sola Ogundipe

Sex is cherished because of the pleasure people derive from it. It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman. Sex is designed by nature to be enjoyed, especially when you are married. Besides, it is the only natural way of procreation.

Meanwhile, there are hindrances to healthy sexual life that tend to make the lives of the victim miserable. One of such hindrances is Erectile Dysfunction suffered by men. A victim will normally not have penile erection to have sex. Or, to put it mildly, the victim may suffer what many people refer to as premature ejaculation.


In the case of the woman, her own problem may be loss of vaginal sensation that results in what is commonly called frigidity.

There are various traditional medical remedies to erectile dysfunction or loss of vaginal sensation. However, there is an emerging regenerative medicine that promises to treat the two hindrances to sex just like many other forms of treatment, if not better.

Regenerative medicine refers to a therapy that involves the use of a patient’s own platelets (through a process called Platelet Rich Plasma, PRP) and adult stem cells (through a process called Adult Stem Cell Therapy) to repair and accelerate body natural healing process and prevent further tissues degeneration related to both medical and aesthetic conditions.
PRP is blood plasma that has been enriched with platelets, and contains growth factors which may elicit the gathering of stem cells around the damaged region stimulating cellular proliferation and tissue regeneration.

In the case of adult stem Cell Therapy, stem cells are found in specialised areas of many tissues, including bone marrow and fat. The cells are capable of self-renewal and differentiation.

During the natural course of one’s life, the cells are recruited from within the body to replace those lost over time and facilitate repair due to injury.

These autologous stem cells are taken from an adult patient. Regenerative medicine has allowed clinicians to tap into the healing potentials provided by these cells. When injected into a diseased or injured area, adult stem cells can develop into healthy specialised cells needed to repair damaged tissues. So how does PRP resolve challenges relating to erectile dysfunction?

Because the process regenerates damaged tissues very fast under a procedure called P-Shot for Men, it gives treated men the possibility of saving their relationships by increasing stamina, enjoying bigger and harder genitals, and eventually increase in length and girth.

For women, the regenerative medicine procedure for them is called Orgasm-Shot for Women. This procedure leads to increased ability to have orgasm, better arousal from clitoris stimulation, decreased pain for painful intercourse, tighter vaginal opening, increased sexual desire and natural lubrication, and increased arousal from G-spot stimulation.

Besides, because of the O-Shot rejuvenation capabilities, there is help available for women suffering from urinary stress incontinence without the need for invasive surgery. Now, it is not only in the area of sex that regenerative medicine helps. It works through Vampire Breast Lift and Vampire Nipple Lift to do what a good bra can do (improve the breast cleavage line) and restore sensitivity to the breast respectively.

Above all, regenerative medicine offers generalized body repair through intravenous delivery of autologous adult stem cells. This can be considered by couples without children but in dire need of one.

In other words, this procedure has the potentials to resolve infertility challenges. Of course, direct delivery of stem cells to the ovary will offer better results when it becomes available after human trials have been conducted and completed.

In the meantime, intravenous delivery of autologous adult stem cells is being used to treat a variety of illnesses and for anti-aging. Because it is autologous and no risk of rejection, adult stem cells transplantation can also be considered by people looking for alternative treatments especially in the areas of diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease, joint pain, Alzheimer, and stroke, while the adult stem cells have been shown to slow down brain and prostrate cancer in animal studies.


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