Chairman of the United Kingdom’s Commonwealth Liberation Party, Professor Alexia Thomas has described as false claims that she was wanted in the United Kingdom over fraud, saying the Metropolitan Police know about her, but still plotted the allegation, a premeditated decoy by Prime Minister Theresa May’s puppets to use the media to bring her down.

Prof. Alexia Thomas
Prof. Alexia Thomas

In a statement by her media office, Prof. Thomas said it is quite inappropriate and compromising behaviour of Police officers to bring down their reputation by soiling their dignity with such an act of maligning her, noting that as the chairman and leader of the Commonwealth Liberation Party, it gives her autonomous powers to care for the people of the Commonwealth who the Conservative Government has used contagious Legislative Law brutality to destroy their future.

She said this may have been her sin, saying, “A few days ago, we woke up to the news of Her Knowledgeable Alexia Thomas mostly wanted by immigration mercenaries. Prof Alexia was filed wanted as read on media by the release of her information by the staff of the metropolitan police to the news media as Captioned -10 most wanted alleged UK con Artists.

“Prof Alexia is the chairman and leader of the Commonwealth liberation party which gives her autonomous powers to care for the people of the Commonwealth who the Conservative Government has used contagious Legislative Law brutality to destroy their Future.

“It is quite inappropriate and compromising behaviour of Police officers to bring down their reputation by soiling their dignity with such an Act.

“The Metropolitan Police know about her Justice Pursuits but still plotted the allegation which was premeditated decoy by Prime Minister Theresa May’s puppets to use the media to bring her down.

“Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas is born on the 2nd of March 1973. She is a Philosopher, a Musician, a Humanitarian, a Politician, a Writer, a Curator, a Political Advocate, an Idealist, a Socialist, a Counsellor, a Teacher, a Human Rights Advocate, a Legal Practitioner, an Activist, a Realist, a Bureaucrat and a Law Reformist. She is An Oracle, Defender Of the Universe, Mother of World Peace, Messenger Of Truth, Angel Of Hope and Goddess Of Love.


“Unfortunately, the topic of Fraud is so touchy that many are unwilling to do anything about a false claim. Some prosecutors side with the false-accuser even after the evidence clearly reveals that the claim is false, believing it could be an honest mistake, a difference of opinion regarding consent, or a cry for help from someone suffering in other ways at the hands of the one they wrongfully accused. Moreover, prosecutors and law enforcement do not want actual fraud victims to fear possible criminal sanctions for reporting legitimate frauds if it later becomes impossible to prove the case. As a result, very few false claims are ever prosecuted criminally.

“Still, the consequences of a false report of fraud can be devastating to the life of the one accused. Often, the mere suggestion that a person has done something is enough to convict them in the court of public opinion. With websites that feature arrest mug shots and identify charges, there is no way for a wrongfully accused person to protect their reputation. This can have life changing effects, lead public ridicule, and emotional harm.

“The Chairman and Leader of The Commonwealth Liberation Party, Professor Alexia Thomas was falsely accused of fraud by the Metropolitan Police on the 19th July 2016. Prof. Thomas name was released by Staff of the Metropolitan Police to the News Media as Caption ’10 most wanted alleged UK Con Artists.’

“Professor Alexia Thomas within 5 hours of announcement wrote to the Office of the Police Commissioner and copy available on the Social Media. She said it saddens her that such inappropriate behavior of the Metropolitan Staff has brought shame to the Police Institution and disruption to their Integrity.

“The Metropolitan Police cannot deny they are not aware of her Justice Pursuit, but because all Police Officer suffers from Race inferiority. It is obvious that the Police Allegation of fraud against her was decoyed by Prime Minister Theresa May’s Puppet who exploited and falsely used the British Media to bring her down by vandalizing her reputation because the Photograph shown on the News Media is over 10 years. She disgraced the Metropolitan Police for pronouncing her Wanted, they should Hide their Faces in the Mud.

“We know the Monarchy as an institution and Reawakening enforcement of the Law of Magna Carta. On 12th July 2016, The Commonwealth Liberation Party moved a Vote of No Confidence against British Prime Minister Mrs. Theresa May’s appointment on reasons that her Conservative Party leadership was appointed by Rogue Politics and as a fight back, the Conservative Party through leader PM Theresa May sent Immigration Mercenaries with false Immigration Case to ruin Professor Alexia Thomas’s reputation.

“The quickest political shock ran through our vein on how a traitor like Theresa May will be allowed to run the position of a Prime Minister of Britain. Her circulated video of threatening Police Officers if they fail to work she will work them down using Legislative Confraternity is still fresh in our Mind.

“Professor Alexia Thomas declared that PM Theresa May’s Government must collapse for the People of United Kingdom not to be destroyed in the 3rd World War against Russia and equally her Shank Advisers will be Debugged and shamed out of 10 Downing Street.

“The Demagogue Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas Pronounced that PM Theresa May as a Woman cannot stop her Fight to Liberate the Commonwealth Nations and as the Leader of The Commonwealth Liberation Party and the Chieftain of Commonwealth Treaty Alliance Commission, she is a Supremist and more Educated than PM Theresa May whose appointment to Office is by Rogue Politics.

“Professor Alexia Thomas has said that the only reason she renounced her Nigerian Nationality for British Citizenship is to have Equal Authority to recoup the Justice desired for the People of Commonwealth Free Border Entry to the UK. She defined Nationality as simply – ‘Stigmatisation of Limitation’ – so it will be Prohibited in 21st Century Politics. She said it is time the ruling Conservative Government stay off her Boundaries, though they will collapse very soon and demand her immediate Recognition because stopping her is an impossibility because she is a Living Oracle, therefore Agencies of Government must recognize the existence of her Political Party who United Kingdom Electoral Commission registered as a Political Party, putting her on an Equilibrium Podium with Leaders of Conservative and Labour Party.

“She asserts Conservative Ruling Government are Political Gangsters which is the reason they are in violation of the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights (UDHR) 1948 Treaty enforcing the acceptance of European Convention Of Human Rights (ECHR) 1950, cloned from the UDHR 1948.

“Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas has Nationalised as a British Citizen on the 12th January 2015, with Sovereign Powers, recognition accorded unto her by the ”
UK Magistrates Court allowing her dominance as British Sovereign so the Home Office cannot take her on a Combat.


“Moreover, in January 2006, she supplied the photograph of herself, ex-husband and children to the Home Office in 40 Lunar House when she claimed asylum in pretence to understand the hidden operations in the United Kingdom Border Agency.

“She withdrew the Asylum Application in 2006, having realised Home Office were operating a Scam in which Commonwealth Citizens Monies are taken in the range of £500 to £3500

“The Immigration mercenaries in Becket House, London Bridge stole her file from Home Office Armadas building with her photographs which they said will be kept in the Home Office archived under the Data Protection act and their possession of her 2006 Photograph splash in the media calling her Fraud is to maliciously brainwash all Police officers in the United Kingdom who buys into the Covert Operations that she is illegally Resident in the UK and a Nigerian.

“In 2010, Mrs. Theresa May sent Immigration Mercenaries headed by Chief Immigration Officer Mr. Alex Jay and his junior Mr. Douglas Chadwick in a Convert Operation acting as Immigration Bounty Hunters to terrorise Prof Alexia Thomas.

“She was assaulted by Douglas Chadwick in 2008, and this incident was recorded by Greenwich metropolitan police with crime reference. Immigration mercenaries in deceit to have her falsely arrested and charges to be indicted on her, shop around from police officers to police officers using Lewisham police, Plumstead police, Catford police, Greenwich police and Bexley police but she was untouchable, because her Knowledge Educate Police Officers the Mythology they Lack.

“It is not understood why a 2006 photograph is been splash on British Media when the Mercenaries are in possession of her 2015 Photograph which was sent to the Home Office Data Entry Department to update their system of her current status as British. The Immigration Mercenaries are in conspiracy with the Metropolitan Police Officers who know her identity but choose to deceive members of the public which implies that their motives are not genuine.

“Theresa May’s Government is in connivance with Angela Merkel (German Government) to have Commonwealth Citizens taken out maliciously from the United Kingdom under various malicious schemes of covert operations.

“However, given the nature of laws protecting victims, it will be a very difficult and highly technical legal battle to show that the Metropolitan Police did not simply lack sufficient evidence to obtain a conviction, but actually engaged in malicious conduct designed to harm the reputation of Professor Alexia Thomas.

“Professor Alexia Thomas is someone of value and integrity, so she deserves an apology directly from the Office of The Commissioner of Police for the inappropriate behavior of the Metropolitan Officers and all Officers involve deserves to be sacked without any compromise because they are been biased about their investigation.”


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