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Come Rain, Come Shine ‘Umbrella Etiquette’ (Part2)

By Janet Adetu



Continuing from last week all about proper protocol for umbrella usage, this is the time to always carry an umbrella come rain, come shine.these are my strategies:

1.Your umbrella your image

Your image must be considered when choosing what umbrella to buy. Going by the rule of proportion if you have a larger frame then you will look better with a larger umbrella, carrying a smaller umbrella will look somewhat ridiculous. Purchase an umbrella that befits your body frame.

  1. Hold with care

Your umbrella can appear a nuisance in your hand when it is not raining, unless you have a vehicle or a bag you can keep it in. Be mindful of how you swing your umbrella. Also watch where you put it down when not in use. Time and time again numerous umbrellas get lost due to failure to remember where they laid it down.

  1. Open gently

Sometimes in the heat of the moment to avoid getting too wet you rush to open your umbrella without considering those around. It is so easy to hit someone with your umbrella – always imagine them too.

  1. Sharing Unannounced

When you have an umbrella and you see others getting wet. It goes without saying that you should be polite enough to hold the umbrella over someone else. Of course this depends on the size of the umbrella; but sharing is caring when it matters most.

5.Lend a helping hand

At times you may be under the shelter of your vehicle and need to step out to get to a door. As an individual it is polite to rush to help such people with a suitably sized umbrella; to help shield another person.

  1. Shake it off

Umbrellas drip a lot when closed, some people do not realize that the water dripping is creating havoc in an office complex, in a house or even when brought into the car. It is important to shake off the water before finally placing your umbrella to rest. Be careful not to leave in your vehicle to avoid dampness inside.

  1. Don’t litter

After using your umbrella and leaving it at the foot of an entrance you need to remember to take it along with you. Many umbrellas are left littering the entrance of offices just because people tend to unconsciously leave the umbrella behind especially when it is not raining anymore.

  1. Place a stand

Now that it is raining homes, schools and offices should have an umbrella stand for heavy traffic areas. Don’t place your umbrella on the floor, better still stand your umbrella against a wall, if there is no stand provided.

  1. Broken and bruised

Once your umbrella accidentally turns in or has some aspects destroyed by heavy wind or otherwise, do not manage it to avoid any mishaps carefully stash the umbrella in the nearest disposal.

  1. Multitasking and carrying

When you are carrying an umbrella you cannot carry newspapers, a bag, and a briefcase and answer the phone at the same time. Pay attention to you and the pouring rain. It is wise to be security conscious when carrying too many things at once.

  1. Moving around public transport.

When you are using an umbrella and you are using public transport. You must watch others around you especially if you enter with a very wet dripping umbrella, it is awkward and impolite in public places.

  1. Walking in style

Just imagine 10 people walking around carrying an umbrella, some people being shorter and others taller. Being mindful that you do not accidentally hit others, raise your umbrella where necessary and keep it close to you.

  1. Snugging the shelter

  In a hotel, restaurant or by the pool learn to share the umbrella in such places, remember it is there for all do not snug the shelter be wise enough to recognize when your usage time is up.

  1. Not needed everywhere

Finally when you find yourself walking under a covered area it is better to close your umbrella and walk normally like others around you.

Be conscious of your environment and others at all times.

Now you have a good handful of information about umbrellas why not sing and dance in the rain under the protection of your umbrella.

All the Best!







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