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SUCCESS RECIPE: Inside the mind of the rich (2)

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By Udeme Archibong

Life gives you what you subconsciously want rather than what you deserve. Everyone deserves to be rich but not everyone is rich. Whatever, the culture, ethnic group, race, religion, gender, status and background the Universe lavishly opens up its abundance to all without discrimination. So perish the idea that some people are destined to be poor or that there is not enough for everyone. In fact, that kind of belief system keeps people in the poverty domain.

However, you must discover the keys to life vault of valuables before you can have access to life’s abundance. Yesterday is in the tomb; you can begin today on a clean slate and re-write the story of your life thereby directing the future in the womb.

Whatever you define ends up refining you. Decide on your definition of wealth. Some people’s financial “thermostat” is set for billions and they eventually become billionaires. While some is set for millions, others thousands and hundreds and still some are set at zero. You can never have and keep beyond the level of financial “thermostat” you have pegged for your life. Take for instance, even if the government decides to distribute a million naira to everyone in the country many people will end up being dead broke in a matter of time. Worst of all they may even incur more problems to their lives than they had before. When your sense of accomplishment exceeds your self-deservedness; you self-sabotage. Therefore, decide on how much money it will take to get to your definition of wealth. More importantly decide on why you want such wealth. The “Why” will determine your capacity to attract and sustain the wealth. If your desire to be rich is for reasons that are selfish in order to boost your ego and “sense of importance” without caring for the welfare of others then you will never discover the keys that unlock life’s vault of valuable. The Universe only opens up its abundant treasures to people who seek to be blessed extravagantly so that they can be a blessing extravagantly. Therefore, write-down the amount of money you want to be consistently having and let your motive for desiring it be founded on love-love for humanity. Remember, sincerity is the key.

In the game of life, something for nothing does not exist. Write down how you intend to get rich. Develop a workable plan. What service can you deliver in exchange for money; in other words, what problems are you willing and have the capacity to solve that can at the same time generate money? Remember, the quality and quantity of service delivered will determine the value you get. Then state the time-frame you need to accomplish your goal.

Whatever you picture mentally you out picture in your experience. Rich people have a positive perspective on the world; they focus on what they want; they focus on opportunities; they spend their time and energy in thought and deed, moving steadily forward, toward their goal. Poor people focus on what they do not want; they see obstacles; potential loss and they make choices based on fear. Rich people focus on assets; making, keeping and investing money; poor people focus on liabilities; spending money.

What you condemn you will lose. What you despise discharges out of your life. Whatever you resent retards away from your life. Rich people are pleased with the successes of others; they admire and associate other rich and successful people. Poor people resent rich and successful people; they often judge and criticize them trying to pull them down to their level.

Rich people manage money; whatever you manage grows and is sustained; rich people build up assets. Poor people mismanage money; whatever you mismanage you lose; poor people build up liabilities.

Rich people are dedicated learners in life; they learn, grow and improve mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Poor people think they already know; they defend outdated position, thinking they know it all.

Riches and poverty has its root in the mindset.

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