June 11, 2016

Day 6: Ramadan, too valuable to waste

Fragrance of Ramadan already in the air

By Ishola Balogun

Those who are not Muslims cannot possibly imagine the joy that Muslims feel in Ramadan. The rich, the poor, the environment including all strata of the society are inundated in the spirit of Ramadan.


Apart from the spiritual blessings which every Muslim yearns for, the spirit of giving and care for the have-nots enliven the society: For every Muslim; it is a happy moment. A moment when the gates of paradise are opened and pathways to hell are closed. The devils and their advocates have a much more difficult job diverting true Muslims from fully reaping the bounties of Allah.

Ramadan is characterized not just by its obligation on every Muslim to keep away from certain things which are allowed in other months, but also by the weight of blessings attached to every good deed performed in this month. This time, believers are blessed seventy times for carrying out a single act of worship. It is a time for multiple blessings, a time for charity. The giver gives cheerfully while the receiver receives with joy. Overtly or covertly, this is the rahma (blessings)of Allah on us.

Ultimately, apart from the abstinence from food, drink and sexual desires; Ramadan revolves round cultivating and nurturing good habit; a way to righteousness. An individual who fasts, but lost control of his anger, has lost a portion of his reward; a Muslim who fasts but fabricates stories and speaks only falsehood, backbites, defames people or oppresses others is slowing down his blessings in the month. Every good act will pass as act of worship with great reward. Every little time in this month is precious, never allow a minute to slip away without doing ibadah even if it azkar.

Use your night in prayers most and supplicate to He who can make possible what seems to be impossible. Why not utilise this month to improve on your character, shun sinful acts and focus on those qualities that will earn you more rewards, that will reduce the risk of sins and elevate your status before man and Allah? This will on the long run, build the foundation to continue to do what pleases Allah even after the blessed month of Ramadan.

This Ramadan, endeavour to be selfless. Impact in someone’s life, put smile on the face of the people, give strength to the weak and lift up somebody that is down, save a dying soul and at the end of the month, you would have invested copiously in your Hereafter. One of the teachings of the Prophet is to live for others. In one hadith, the Prophet said: He is not a Muslim if he goes to bed while his neighbour is hungry. Brothers and Sisters there are many who you can give happiness with a little help; there are many others who do not have means of iftar or sahuur. Do not ignore them, give as little as you have.

Let them feel the real blessings of Ramadan from you, and Allah whose promise is true will surely bless you in multiple folds.

Ultimately, just do your best. Allah (Subhanahu-wa-Taala) will aid you if you are sincere.

Have an amazing Ramadan. May this Ramadan, be a means of you and your family attaining Paradise, Ameen. Ramadan Mubarak!