By Ebele Orakpo

’To me, President Buhari’s administration has not done well at all. People are hungry for goodness sake,” said Timmy this Monday morning in the Apapa-bound bus.

“You are not being fair to him. He has tried to redeem the image of Nigeria in the international community by fighting corruption vigorously” said TJ.

Asked Emma: “Which corruption? Na war against corruption we go chop? Look, person wey dey cry, dey see road oo. The man just dey operate one-way traffic. He is fighting corruption while neglecting real governance. How do you expect a hungry man not to be corrupt?”

“So are you saying he should not fight corruption and recover our money?” asked TJ, to which Emma replied thus: “That is what I am saying. He should do other things he was elected to do apart from fight corruption. He can make the institutions set up to fight corruption stronger and allow them pursue that while he faces governance and deliver his promises to the people, period!”

Hmm, please those who wine and dine with the president should advise him to wake up to his responsibilities. I think his advisers and spokespersons are shielding him away from the reality on ground. People are disenchanted with him. It is very dangerous to go on the streets today and shout ‘Sai Baba.’ The common man does not want to know who stole what or how many trillions you have recovered; all he wants is his salary as at when due, food on his table, electricity, water, just the basic things,” said Timmy.

“What irks me most about this administration is their penchant for blaming the past administration. When they were promising the people heaven on earth, didn’t they realise what they were doing? Quit the blame game please. After all, PMB is a past president. Did the person who took over from him complain? He went to work. So please, get to work already! The way they are going, they are making us believe those that said they were never ready to govern but were prepared to fight. PMB should prove them wrong,” said Blessing.

“Even Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State, his most ardent supporter, had condemned the constant blame game. He said he did not inherit a perfect Federal Capital Territory as a minister but he did not go about blaming his predecessor. Instead, he went to work and did his best to leave the place better than he met it. I think that is the spirit. Whining and blaming your predecessor shows you up as one without any solution to offer” said Eka.

“Yeah, even OBJ said Buhari was luckier than him, yet he did not go about blaming his predecessor. My question is: Where is all the trillions of naira they said they have recovered and the ones looters have returned? They should use it to cushion the negative effects of their policies on the masses,” said Rose.

“PMB should be a father to all.  He should reach out to all aggrieved sections of the country and listen to them. Campaigns are over so propaganda should be over. He should not be seen as giving preferential treatment to the so-called 97% who voted for him while neglecting the so-called 5% that did not. As a father, he will not cast out one of his children for disagreeing with him,” stated Timmy.

“As humans, we are prone to listen to and flow with those who agree with us but the truth is that you cannot succeed that way. Listen to both friends and foes. Sometimes, your so-called friends will lead you to destruction unintentionally,” said Emma.

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