By Dayo Johnson, Akure

THE wife of  Ondo State governor, Mrs Oluwakemi Mimiko, is in the vanguard of the battle to protect  women and the girl-child against batterers and abusers.

She took exception to men who batter their wives  and called for workable policies to punish perpetrators of violence against women and the girl-child.

Mrs Mimiko   spoke in Akure at the commissioning of ‘Another Chance Women’s Home’, a safe haven for women who suffer partner-violence and sexual abuse, powered by the Funke- Felix Adejumo Foundation.

She lamented the rise in violence against women, adding: “It is increasing in leaps and bounds.

“Violence against women is a global problem. In Africa, in unaccountable number of times, women are physically abused and assaulted.

“ Incidence of rape is skyrocketing. Most African women are victims of domestic violence at work, homes, schools and generally in the society.

“ Women often have no decision making power during global conflict. They are victims of torture, disappearance and systematic rape as a weapon of war.

“ Women and children constitute 75 percent of over 6million refugees as experienced in the north of Africa, seeking passage into Europe due largely to war and famine”.

Mrs. Mimiko
Mrs. Mimiko

Mrs Mimiko said that women in developing countries often lack the tools needed for advancement. They, according to her, need to be educated on how to use technology in order to become introduced into mainstream society.

The wife of the governor fingered “the prevalent economic pressure and tension that have alarming effects on  men, and if not checked will further aggravate the economic recession of the nation because women play vital roles as home builders”.

While assuring women in Ondo of zero tolerance for abuse, she promised that the state Ministry for Women Affairs and Social Development will synergize with ‘Another Chance Women’s Home’ for maximum goal delivery.

Speaking on women empowerment, the wife of the governor said , “African women  are undoubtedly the backbone of the African family and their role is often underestimated by the society”.

Mrs Mimiko advocated that women should be adequately empowered, supported, trained in craft and vocation.

“It is well acclaimed that when the lot of a woman is positively and upwardly improved, her family( husband, children, parents, in-laws, relatives, friends) and indeed her entire society stand to benefit immensely.

“ Women should be more engaged, educated and empowered to reduce the number of people living in poverty through the promulgation and implementation of family friendly policies to increase the labour force participation of women”.

Mrs Mimiko called for increase access to finance and support services for women entrepreneur,  develop assistance policies which promote the economic role of women and upgrade the status of and wages for traditional areas of women’s   work.

She lauded the President of Home, Rev.Mrs Funke Felix-Adejumo, for providing succour and comfort to women, who are battered and  humiliated by their male counterparts.

Earlier, Rev-Adejumo said domestic violence” is a problem in Nigeria encouraged by the loop holes in the law, strengthened by the cultural family structure.”

She said that the safe haven established in April 2016″ is driven to contribute to the understanding of victims of abuse, giving them a voice and help them discover the route to violence-free life”.

She went on: “We plan to educate and empower victims financially; findings showed that money is often used as means of power and control. If women are financially chained to their partners, they may likely endure much hardship.

“We desire to reach out to these women affected by domestic violence with a helping hand, to support them in taking initial and courageous steps, giving them a voice and saying to the world that domestic violence is not an individual problem but a collective concern and that   it should never be accepted or justified .

“There is no specific or direct national law that protects the right of women against violence in Nigeria, except The Violence Against Persons (Prohibition) Act,” which suffered several setback before it became law seven years after”.

The state Commissioner for Police, Mrs. Hilda Harrison, appealed to men to stop violence against women by managing their anger.

The President and founder of Agape Christian Ministry, Apostle Felix Adejumo, apologized on behalf of men to women who have been violently abused by men across the world.


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