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Irregular menstrual periods

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Today we are going to be talking about irregular periods. By irregular periods, I mean when a woman gets her period one month and doesn’t get it the following month and doesn’t know exactly when she’ll get the next one. It also applies to a woman who needs medication to get her period. Now, I just want to mention very quickly that if you have irregular period, you will most likely have irregular ovulation. Even though they aren’t the same, they usually come hand in hand together. I will be treating irregular ovulation in another article.

Hormonal imbalance

MenstruationNow, if you do have irregular periods, I would want to tell you that it’s because you got some form of hormonal imbalance. This is because the menstrual cycle is regulated by hormones, for instance the oestrogen hormone which builds up your uterus.

Remember, if you see your period, it means you haven’t gotten pregnant. In preparation for pregnancy, your body builds up your uterus with layers of tissue, muscles and blood.

The oestrogen hormone is actually responsible for that, so if there is anything wrong with your oestrogen levels, you might struggle with that aspect of your menstrual cycle. If you don’t get pregnant, the progesterone should help you break down what the oestrogen has built up. In other words, if you haven’t gotten pregnant, progesterone should break down your extra cushion, tissue, blood and muscles and so you get your period.

If you have very little progesterone for any reason, (there are several reasons for that) you will find out that your period might be scanty, irregular or might not even appear. Progesterone and oestrogen are the two key hormones when it comes to the menstrual period.

Hormonal profile

If you have been having irregular periods for a while, you probably have been to doctors and they would have done hormonal profile for you and there’s a very strong chance they would have told you that you have suffered hormonal imbalance.

However, even if you have done the hormonal profile test and it comes back to say that you are normal, I want you to just take note of something I tell women all the time, because your number, that is, the number that has been given to you from the lab falls under normal doesn’t mean that is ‘your’ normal. So you find people who doctors tell them, everything is fine because their hormonal profile tests are normal.

Some people just fall under those groups, some people defy those categories. The beauty of natural fertility is it doesn’t say because this is normal, then everything is fine. It looks at your own individual balance, what makes you balanced, what makes your hormones balance. For more information on natural hormonal balance visit



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