Quran Chapter 2 verse 185 specifically allows those who are travelling to skip fasting on the condition that they make up for the days missed later.

The journey that permits a traveller to break his fast is the same as the journey that permits a traveller to shorten the length of his prayers.

But who are those that may be considered as travellers in this context? The majority of scholars are of the view that anyone who travels more than 83 kilometres is a traveller.

However, others maintain that a person may be considered a traveller in a society where the means of transportation are extremely primitive with its attendant hardship and discomfort because Allah does not intend hardship on us. But in these modern times, how do we apply this injunction to our modern situation?

The point is that somebody who is travelling above the specified kilometres with a modern means of transportation without hardship may not necessarily break his fast since hardship is not involved. He may be allowed to skip if he decides to fast later: “Allah wishes to bring ease for you, and He does not wish to place hardship upon you.”

In any case, the matter may be about means of travelling and the ease or hardship accompanying it. The journey between Lagos-Abuja by road is far more than the recommended kilometres by road, but the ease and comfort the air travel affords cannot be compared with that of a road travel in a rickety vehicle and, therefore, breaking fast or not may be determined based on the comfort or hardship accompanying the means of travel.

In spite of the Quran’s injunction and several instances where the Prophet (s.a.w) refrained from fasting, while on a journey in Ramadan, the Prophet replied a companion, who said he finds no hardship in fasting: “Fast if you choose to and break if you so choose.” (By Muslim on the authority of Aisha).

So, if the journey does not constitute any hardship, it is better for a person to fast during Ramadan than other times, as its blessings are unsurpassed.

But if hardship is experienced during the course of the journey, it is better to break the fast and pay at a later time. Allah is generous and knows all things.

Ramadan Mubarak!

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