The Chairman, opposition The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP), in Britain, Professor Alexia Thomas, has explained how she predicted the exit of British Prime Minister, David Cameron, long before the referendum for Britain to leave the European Union, on Thursday, June 23, 2016.

Prof. Alexia Thomas
Prof. Alexia Thomas

Professor Thomas said, this prediction was captured in a statement she made on January 6 and released to the press on January 12, 2016.

According to Thomas, popularly known as the Oracle, she had then made a proclamation that Cameron’ government would be aborted on or about April 24.

She said: “After warning Cameron’s government of stealing through taxation of income Tax/VAT among other consequential allegations, I stressed that the government lost its bid of representing the People by practicing Terror Justice and Tyranny against Members of the Commonwealth Nations.

“Not only that, a stern warning was similarly sent out to the People of England when I adjudicated and pronounced that Britain must leave European Union, during which I implored Commonwealth Citizens not to cast their votes for Britain to remain in EU.

“As the various campaigns for and against the referendum heightened, I reiterated in an interview with SAFARI NEWS, saying Cameron knew his time was up because the Oracle had spoken. He had made up his mind top leave since April 24 but it was all a game for him to have remained to witness the voting on Thursday, June 23, 2016.”

“At the early hours of Friday, June 24, 2016, the World woke up with the news that Britain had claimed back its birthright by leaving the EU, a confirmation my earlier proclamation and indeed, not only did Britain voted itself out of the EU, Prime Minster David Cameron at the break of the elections results, swiftly bowed out when he announced his immediate resignation as the PM.”

Speaking with SAFARI NEWS immediately after the pronouncement of Cameron’s resignation, the Royal Mother as she’s fondly referred to added, “the World hasn’t seen anything yet, my revelations are out to open Peoples’ eyes and for Cameron, he knew his time was up. For Britain leaving the EU, it was something that must happen because Britain needed to take back its place to save its Monarchy from being quashed, the same way the EU had done to their domains.

“Those that have been married to EU Citizens as a result of the EU Club arrangements are in for a surprise. Such marriages will sure be revoked by the time I continue to open up the consequences of the Confraternity.”

Recall that in her proclamation last April about the abolishment of Cameron’s government, she had said:

“WHERE Justice Is Denied, Where Poverty Is Enforced, Where Ignorance Prevails, And Where One Class Is Made To Feel That Society Is An Organized Conspiracy To Oppress, Rob And Degrade Them, Neither Persons Nor Property Will Be Safe”, Postulates Frederick Douglass.

“It is an open-secret that the present Conservative style of Governance being led by David Cameron, British Prime Minister is built on Injustice, Evil, Oppression, Enslavement Mentality of the Coloured People with the sole intentions to practicing Terror and Tyranny against the People of Commonwealth Citizens. Certainly, this secretive group Cameron belongs to is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade the Coloured people.

Her press statement in London read: “Your Policies are very contagious and destructive to Human Race, certainly denial is not an option.”

“My Press statement clearly defined Constitution of Democratic System of Government Principles and practice as taught by the founding fathers headship Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd President of United States.

“Your Party has been a very destructive one-killing the Welfare and Wellbeing of the Coloured People and you will agree with me it is fair to ask the Queen Elizabeth II to use her Monarchical Powers to abolish your leadership or alter it by simply transferring powers to Labour Party headship.

“Monarchical Throneship of Queen Elizabeth II has Powers to abolish your Leadership as this may not have been used before or such Redress of Government Abolishment has not been used since the 16th Century after the beheading of the King Charles I, though his death gave Rights to Ordinary Men like yourself the privileges to come to Power through enacting the Bill of Rights 1689.

“As the Chairman of The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP) and the Chieftain of Commonwealth Treaty Alliance Commission, I tell you today such Powers to abort your Government will be executed on or before the 24th of April 2016, if you and your Cabinets Ministers fail to behave yourselves. Mr. David Cameron, know your Government could be pardoned from Penalty of Guilt as your Ignorance of lack of Political Mythology could eliminate your accountability to the Destructive values brought upon the People of the Commonwealth.”

On Cameron’s Government stealing from the citizens through tax exploitation, Professor Thomas had said: “Your Government is Power intoxicated as through the Peoples’ votes you have audaciously run the United Kingdom Nation as an Outlaw Bandit, exploiting the Taxation System of Income Tax and VAT Tax at 20 per cent, very unreasonable as this is stealing from the Citizens. Mr. Cameron how dare you Slander the Citizens of the Commonwealth Nations with Immigration Law, a Sham Legislation knowingfully well Britain never had Permittal to make 53 Commonwealth Nations their Colonies but instead forced Mastered them through Fierce and Death. We should be fair as a Race to the Core Values of Commonwealth Nations who Britain bothered their Isolation and forcefully coerced them to accept the British Heritage in 15th Century ago.

Unlimited Travel access to Commonwealth Citizens
“Mr. Cameron, know it today United Kingdom is indebted to the Commonwealth Nations and their Citizens. Until the 51 Countries of African and Asia Continents realise Full Civilization, their Citizens must continue to have Unlimited access to Travel to the United Kingdom and the Immigration Confraternity Laws debarring their Rights must be abolished without Deliberation or Compromise.

“To this End, all Immigration Detention Centers in the United Kingdom must be demolished and all the German Investors having Shares in the Immigration Business and Services of Border Control and Technological Facilities should be paid back their Investment as they must now find other Trade to make their gains because the Commonwealth Citizens Detention is not a Sector for Investment. Simply do not Say no Money to pay them. The process is simple, just Print more money and pay them as Money is a Piece of Paper meant to fool the Governed because Politics is a Ghostly Operations.

“United Kingdom found Riches and Greatness in the 15th Century from the Commonwealth Countries and their Citizens and till date, your Government is still in continual receipt of Royalties from these Poor Slaved Continents of Africa and Asia, yet your Conscience fears no Retribution, because God created them to be of less Values to the White Race. This should not be a bias reason because Humans have bigger Brains, so the Conscience of Guilt should supersede Conscience of Destruction of the Human Race and for this reason Slavery as a Business was abolished in United Kingdom and America.”

David Cameron’s Govt to Disband from Office
Standing on truth, Professor Thomas dares British Prime Minister when she explained: “Mr. Cameron, I say unto you Verily, Verily, Verily, your Government will be Disband and Disgraced out of Number 10 Downing Street.

“Know very well as I said this Words to you, we are Equal in Powers of Governance and the difference is your Vote gives you access to Print Money and control UK Money Supply and the Economy. The only reason you may gullibly assumed you are more Superior than myself is because the Police, Army, Navy, Immigration and Crown Servants are paid by your Government. Mr. Cameron I am your Competitor and as an Opposition Government, we “The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP)”, are not readily bothered about who Rules.

“What matters is who Rules the People of United Kingdom must have the Knowledge, the Principles, the Respect, the Compassion, the Protection, the Appreciation and the Values to the People with Rights of Sovereignty.

“Any Ruling Government must respect Human Values, Integrity and Dignity of Human Substance. If you read ‘TCLP’ Teachings and Doctrines, you will see our generosity over view in a Reflection, as I will expect you this year to get some serious Education and your Cabinet Ministers should equally go for Mind Development Training on Humanity Courses or else they could possibly go to Jail ‘En masse’ in the next 15years because of the ‘Enormous and Ferocious Atrocities’ they have committed in the Term of your Government. Money is simply irrelevant as you know the Tricks in Government since Headship. Money is a Piece of Paper.

“The fact your Conservative Party has made it more important than Human Lives and values, the need of changing School Syllabus is essential. The Amendment of School Syllabus and Curriculum Vitae is Mandatory; So Students will be taught Humanity and Human Values as a Course and the Consciousness of Resistance to refuse Cash, among others.”

However, following the much-publicised campaigns and lobbying for Britain’s remaining in the European Union, Prof. Alexia Thomas had earlier sent strong warnings to the British people not to allow the “EU Club” to kill its Monarchy by taking to remaining in the EU.


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