British Demagogue Professor and Chairman, The Commonwealth Liberation Party, TCLP, Prof. Alexia Thomas, has stated that the outgoing United Kingdom, Prime Minister, David Cameron, risks six years imprisonment for alleged fraud, Justice commiseration for King Charles I, beheaded by parliamentarians on January 30, 1649, as well as for abuse of legislations, extortion and masaceration of the UK economy.


Prof. Thomas, who pointed this on the heels of the just-concluded BREXIT which is still generating reactions and counter-reactions across the world, stated that the unjustified beheading of King Charles 1 by Parliamentarians on January 30, 1649 has been unveiled and that justice must be done.

Disturbed by the development, the fierce activist in 40-point strongly worded letter to the Commissioner of Police, New Scotland Yard, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, charged him to prosecute David Cameron and his accomplices, MPs Theresa May and George Osborne.

In her letter dated June 26, 2016, and copied to the office of Queen Elizabeth II, the Prince Of Wales, the Buckingham Police Department and Serving MPs, the TCLP Chairman called for a halt of the 19th Century Boys Scott British Politicians from running Great Britain in the 21st Century like their Father’s Vine-Yard.

In her letter, the Royal Mother as she fondly addressed alleged that “Mr. Cameron’s ferocious atrocities committed as acting British Prime Minister from 11/05/2010 to 24/04/2016 is now indictable under the Criminal Act for his Crimes of FRAUD, TAX EVASION and RIGGING ELECTIONS; The Law, as compelled by Legislation and aforesaid Penalty be communed.

“The ousted Prime Minister David Cameron and his Cabinet Ministers of the Remain Campaign rigged the election. On the 24/06/2016, he sought for 3 months period for his Government Handover and European Commission President, Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker overturned that his time asked will defect the whole process of new transition and EU is not in consensual.

“Mr. Cameron punishment ensued for his violation of Communications Act 2003. Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia call directs the Justice System and Parliament to revoke and ban the Communications Acts 2003 in which Conservative Party Members equally breached.

“Allegation of 2016 was swept under the carpet because he (Cameron) sweet spoke People of Britain by his charms using deceit Diplomacy. The Man Cameron is not as smart as People assumed because his Political cajole shank Politicians in Government for the gains.

“Another to his array of Criminal Offences; and this is a very serious legislation that has limited over 200 UK Political Parties inability to arise above suppression in recognition compares with old Party of Conservative Party and Labour. Communications Act 2003 was intentionally enacted to keep Old Parties in Rulership to continue their tenure in Tyranny so People of Britain are restricted by Media Broadcast of other Up-Rise Parties and now same Conservative Party is in breached of the Act.”

Prof. Thomas added that “PM David Cameron embezzled £9,000,000.00 to campaign Britain Remained in EU and Printed Flyers and now that his illogical views failed, he has indebted the Tax Payers Coffers, therefore Mr. Cameron influenced Legislation and funded his Conservation Party Agenda with Tax Payers Money.

“Mr. Cameron is currently in a State of confusion hence seeking for 3 months is a decoy to cover his track and conceal evidence, hence is now an effective time to oust Mr. Cameron’s time buying, he must now vacate 10 Downing Street not exceeding 8 days from the receipt of this letter dated the 26/06/2016, so to restrict him from rigging the evidence to be collated at his residence

“Mr. Mark Carney is the 120th and current Governor of Bank Of England, appointed in 2013. He is the first Non-Briton to be appointed to the Post but made a commitment to the Prime Minister to take up British Citizenship. Why did he make a commitment to take British Citizenship, simply denotes his position was attained by the lobbyist to Aid Movement of British Money to the European Union without obstruction for evasiveness of shrinking the Economy of United Kingdom?

“A Canadian being a Governor of Bank of England is a shame on British Democracy, the most ridiculed monger of National derailment of Economic Servant for destruction. Questions need to be answered why a Non-British is appointed to the Post of such task of a Nations Treasury.

“Prof. Thomas alleges that offences committed were Crimes of from Abuse of Legislations, Extortion and Massacreration of the UK Economy. The Monarchy and people of Great Britain will agree this is the only resolution to ripen the fruit of justice denied of King Charles 1.

“The killing of King Charles I, led Parliamentarians enacting the Bill of Rights 1689 and this gave the likes to Mr Cameron’s audaciousness to rule the Kingdom founded by the Knights by Tyranny and propaganda with his coalition of Kindergarten Politician who lacked Political Mythology

“The British Democratic Government Institution is not formidable enough to hold their Sovereignty and hence democratic Parliament is doom to collapse as the demise of the Kings Charles I, instigated the breakout of British American Civil War in triumph of the Nations of American’s Independent break away from the United Kingdom; Hence British on American assignment rejected returning Home since the Kings Charles death and Democracy, as Government was, conceptualizes enforcing the British Monarch King Charles II to sign and accept Constitutional Monarch automatically this values breached Kings Charles assertion of the Divine Right of Kings.”

However, citing UK laws, Professor Thomas affirmed that Justice must be pursued to compel Mr. Cameron to be punished severely for Tax Evasion as highlighted under the Practice for evasion of Income Tax Section 106A of the Taxes Management Act 1970.

She reminded the Police Commissioner of his background as a Law Graduate, adding that he should not allow himself be brainwashed by any Crown Prosecution.

According to her, any deterrent to frustrate the Law of Joinders in a Liberal Democracy itself is a Criminal Offence punishable by imprisonment.

She advised the Police Commissioner is to seek guidance on what Penalty he must apply to get Mr. Cameron punished for his offences.

She said: “Mr. Cameron hidden Finance Documentations and Extortion can be exhumed for investigation and possibly he be placed on House Arrest to restrict him concealing evidence relevant for his trials. The Police Commissioner can apply for High Court Confiscation Order for permittal to seal up the entire Premises of Number 10, 11 and 12 Downing Street Government Residence Quarters for Minimum of 28 Days and Maximum 45 days to enable entrapment of evidence relevant to make History that will reshape and rewrite how Parliamentarians shall now govern Great Britain as the Pursuit to now kill Democracy is evidential that our 19th Century Politicians are buttered for Bread hence acting as Cowards will ruin the Future of United Kingdom.”


The statement added: “My Government is on the voyage of bringing DEMOCRACY to DEATH by 2021 and enforced the ACT OF POLITICS BIRTH; She assert that the New System of Government is invoked by her Political Party – The Commonwealth Liberation Party for Practice and effectisation by Queen and Country and her Commonwealth for Citizens Justice in commune of British Heritage.

“MR. CAMERON’s EMBEZZLEMENT OF £9,000,000.00 to campaign Britain Remained in EU and Printed Flyers and now that his illogical views failed, he has indebted the Tax Payers Coffers, therefore Mr. Cameron influenced Legislation and funded his Conservation Party Agenda with Tax Payers Money.

“My party will hunt chase for embezzled Money be paid back into the Treasury either by Mr. Cameron himself or his Conservative Party. He has campaigned in the Banner of the Government whereas in decoy, it was a Conservative Party Campaign Propaganda. The Office of the Police Commissioner is to recover the Money back and pursue its remittance or failure, Mr. Cameron should consider receiving additional 6 years Prison sentence.

“We demand Justice that “Punishment of Guilt and Penalty administered must be executed under the Fraud Act 2006, Section 7 Chapter 2(b) for conviction on indictment, to imprisonment for Term not exceeding 10 years and we are demanding on behalf of Great People of Britain, that the State Prosecution to seek 6 years Prison Sentence to teach Mr. Cameron and Parliamentarian a lesson as payback for Justice for King Charles I.

“In adversary, Parliament will agree Democracy is less than 600 years old and has failed the People and Country and the World. My Party The Commonwealth Liberation Party will not relent in enforcing Justice Education till Mr. David Cameron faces the gallows of Justice for his involvement in playing Kingdom of Britain Monarch and her Citizens and Subjects in Joystic Joinder Politics as a Traitor and in Treason of Deceit Diplomacy.”


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