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I want to impact on the lives of me — Nina Orji

By Soni Daniel

She once was a player in the corporate world, where she worked in a leading Nigerian engineering company that also runs one of Nigeria’s largest and most successful airlines.

But when she heard the voice to leave the secular work and channel her potentials into gospel music, Nina Orji wasted no time in heeding the call. Today, she has some singles in the market, turning hearts towards heaven. But the Abia State-born singer says she’s still far from where she wants to be. According to her, she wants to be up there with the Joyce Meyers, Anita Bynun and Les Brown of this world while remaining as source of inspirations to generations of Nigerians.

Nina Orji
Nina Orji

Having done some work in the music industry, where do you think you are now?
Well, I would say I have taken off. But you know starting something new is not always easy and you need the grace of God and the support of the people to achieve set goals. For now, I am doing well, given where I started from and where I am going.  I am also a music minister and a motivational speaker.

What really moved you from the corporate world into music?
What brought me into music is first of all, my desire to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ via music. Again, music has always been in me right from when I was young. I remember as far back as when I was in primary and secondary schools I would make songs which were used in our school events and activities, for example, inter-house sports competitions and all that. It was awesome but then we took it like a child’s play. But as I grew up, I realised that this thing cannot just be shut up in my bones and I went into gospel music to actualise that God-given talent.  So, I can say that I sing gospel because of the call of God on my life, secondly, my love for the gospel of Jesus makes me to find a medium of expressing it, and music remains the best route to preach it and finally, my desire to impact the lives of men positively.

So what do you have to show so far?
Yes, I have an album of my own in the market right now which is entitled “Your Majesty” by Nina.  It is enjoying airplay on radio and on the Internet.

Have you done any video of it?
Yes, I have done a video of one of the tracks “Give it to me” and it is also on YouTube. And I have a new video coming up right now; we just concluded it and very soon it will be out.

What is the title?

And what does it mean?
It simply means Jehovah is king. I did it in Igbo because that is how the inspiration came.

  What have you found out about the Nigerian music industry?
The truth is that it is highly competitive especially in the secular circular world. Although competition also rages in the gospel industry, I am not moved because I believe that people are into the industry for different reasons. For me, the foundation of my own music is clear and settled and nothing will move me to change course.

As a gospel artist, do you concentrate on singing in religious outings alone?
No, I do other side shows in addition to performing in churches and other religious events. I go out there to minister to people in meetings, in programmes as I am invited.

From the way you are talking about gospel music as your own genre, does it mean that you cannot accept any offer to perform secular music?
Of course. I have had several opportunities to do that, I have had big time opportunities to leave my gospel music and join the secular world but that is not me. I am not even going to do well there because I don’t belong there.

What is your vision given all that you’ve spoken about?
My goal is to become an icon of motivation. I want people to see this Nina as an icon of encouragement, changing lives through music and motivational speaking and becoming a household name like most of the prominent people we currently look up to in Nigeria and abroad. That is my goal. I want to see myself as the Paula White of Nigeria, Les Brown of Nigeria, Joyce Meyer of Nigeria, Juan Anita Bynum of Nigeria etc. I want to emerge as one impactful lady that people will look at and see yes, we thank God that you came in our generation. This is my vision and this is where I am headed.


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