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Tecno to bring Camon C9 to smart phone market

Last year, Tecno released its flagship mobile phone in the Camon series, the Camon C8, which boasted an unmatched camera quality among other thrilling features.

This phone surpassed any other smartphone out there in the market at the time and claimed all the recognition that could possibly exist from picture lovers.

Since the Camon C8 success last year, people have constantly wondered how long it will take before Tecno releases an advanced version of the Camon C8.

Camon C9
Camon C9

It appears that the wait for the C8 successor is finally over and going by naming conventions from mobile phones manufacturers, this phone is expected to be called the Camon C9.

Now back to the images, what do they possibly say about the new Camon C9? Here’s what I think, feel free to share your own thoughts afterwards.

It seems that the wait is going to be over soon as we got what appears to be the image of th enext Camon device ; Tecno Camon C9.

Dual 13 MP front camera with dual flash

Like its predecessor, the Camon C9 is expected to raise the bar on several camera capabilities and make mockery of every camera out there in a smartphone.

We guess the Camon C9 will probably come with dual front camera which will be able to capture breath-taking selfie photos. If this turns out to be the final concept on the CamonC9, it will be the best selfie camera phone ever.

Rumour has it that both front cameras will have 13MP, which will be awesome for selfie lovers. Dual 13MP front camera is unbelievably huge and innovative.

We also noticed that the image has dual flash which will be the first in the industry. I haven’t seen a device with dual front camera with dual flash in my entire life,CamonC9 is definitely going to be the best selfie camera phone in the world. One can now capture the best moment even in the dark with the innovative dual flash on the front-facing camera.

Wider angle selfie camera

In line with new product releases from Tecno so far, the Camon C9 is expected to have a wide-angle capability, which will ensure that you can capture more people in a single picture and also take panoramic pictures with friends scattered all around.

A Rotating camera

Camon C9 can be turned inside out. It also means that the back camera will be able to adjust different angles to take pictures.


From the picture below, the Camon C9 appears like it’s beautifully designed to complement your swag and give you class. When looked at closely, it seems to be slimmer than the Camon C8 in which case if correct, might be say about 7mm, which is slim enough to sit perfectly in your pant’s front pocket. Also, the stylish finishing of the Camon C9 seems to be enhanced by a slight cambered body.

Privacy – Fingerprint sensor

We may just be expecting a fingerprint recognition scanner embedded just below the rear camera of the Camon C9. Recall that the Phantom 5 was Tecno’s first fingerprint smartphone, the response time and false rejection rate actually beat that of the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6


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