May 10, 2016

The poor will rejoice under Imasuagbon — Osifo

The poor will rejoice under Imasuagbon — Osifo

Ken Imasuagbon

Edo South APC chieftain Dr. Isaiah Osifo has projected Kenneth Imasuagbon as the aspirant best qualified to cater to the needs of the masses in Edo State.

Osifo, who served as chief of staff in the Oserhienmen Osunbor administration and was before then, chairman of Uhenmnwonde local council in an interview, said a candidate for the office of governor must show himself as one able to manage the interest of the masses within the framework of a capitalist society.

He said, “The essence of government is to care for those who are not able to care for themselves.

The man has that vision to care for the weak, to care for the vulnerable in the society, orphanage children, the poor and the low class in the society.

“He has been spending his time and his resources to pay attention to this kind of people and I believe that this is the main philosophy of government and stands to represent a modern administration that cares for those who are deprived by the dynamics of a competitive and neo-capitalist society.”Even in America, a capitalist society, they still care for the welfare of the weak.