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I can have sex as long as it makes my man happy — Marian Aligbe

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By Rotimi Agbana & Adeyeri Aderonke

Luscious and sensual looking Marian ‘Mimi’ Aligbe is poised to storm the entertainment industry in Nigeria, in a style not seen in a long time. In this interview, the stunning lawyer turned model, talks about her career, fashion, love and sex:

How it all began
My manager, Jazzy, linked me up. But before then, he knew I had a passion for modelling and acting so he decided to help me out.  I was in a music video sometime in 2014; we met at the video shoot, the title of the song isJejeje,  by Elmya. I was the major video vixen in the video. I started modelling professionally in 2011 before I gained admission into the university. I started modeling before acting but modelling is just something I love doing while acting is what I really want to do. You could say that acting is an inborn thing for me.

Maria- Aligbe
Maria- Aligbe

Education and career
I’ve been in school; I’m a graduate of law from Houdegbe North American University, in Republic of Benin. That’s why I’ve not really had time to pursue my acting career, but now that I’m done with school, I’m going fully into it. Though my passion is in acting and modelling, career wise, I have always wanted to be lawyer, that’s why I went into the university to study law. . In the future I may still practice law, but for now, it’s acting and modelling.

Parents’ reaction to dumping law for acting and modelling
They are okay with it, though my dad is not so into it, but my mum is 100% behind me. She is and has been very supportive. My mum bought the idea because I’ve been convincing her long before I even got into the university. I did some modeling stuff in the U.K when we travelled; runway, photo shoots, etc, so she already knew I had passion for it. I just had to suspend it because of school.

Coping with peer pressure in school
It’s a matter of choice, you have to choose between good and bad, we can’t all be the same. With God and parental advice, I was able to scale through. Of course yes, there would definitely be temptations, but I overcame them. I always remembered my mum, her advice and prayers, so I resist the temptation. I guess her prayers also helped me. I never cut corners, even when I partook in a beauty contest, Miss Houdegbe, that was in 2012. Though I didn’t win but I was the 1strunner up. Well, I’m pretty and I have the passion, brain and confidence needed to get there.

What makes a model?
First, your passion, followed by your looks. I mean if you are pretty and tall, depending on what kind of modeling you are doing. If it’s runway it’s about the height, it doesn’t depend on your beauty. You just have to be tall and have a good physique. If it’s billboards, it’s mostly about the face.  You also have to be smart about it because some people do some unprofessional stuff before getting up there. More, so, you have to put God first in everything you do.

Temptations in the line of duty
Yes, I have been tempted severally to go overboard in the quest of getting something done but I have always resisted the it. While I was in the U.K, there was this guy who had gone far in the movie industry and he wanted me to have sex with him in order to secure jobs for me. As much as I wanted the jobs, I didn’t have to do that. I really tempted to do it but I convinced myself it wasn’t wise, that I should wait for my time. I’m glad I did.

Relationship status
I’m not dating, because I don’t want to. I just want to pursue my career for now. Being in a relationship now will be a distraction, so it’s one step at a time for me. It has nothing to do with my experiences in previous affairs. I’ve actually never been heartbroken before, I’ve been in a relationship before but I ended it not because of my career but because I just got tired.

Opinion on the fashion industry in Nigeria
Well, the fashion industry in Nigeria is actually moving differently, people now get to buy more of African and Nigerian stuff. On red carpets at events, when celebrities and other guests are asked what they are wearing, you now hear names of Nigerian stylists and fashion designers. They patronise more of Nigerian stuff than foreign stuff now, and this has encouraged more people to invest in the Nigerian fashion industry.

Fashion style
I really don’t have a fashion sense or style. When I wake up in the morning, I check my wardrobe, I just combine one outfit with the other and if it comes out nice, then I go with it. I’m actually passionate about what I wear and how I look, and to be frank, I do more of foreign. It’s not like I’m promoting foreign stuffs but I’ve not really had time to go to an indigenous fashion house to get something for myself, I just buy clothes. I wear anything, it doesn’t matter who made it or what, as long as it looks good, I’ll wear it.

Take on Nollywood actresses who date marketers to get roles
I think it’s true. A friend of mine actually dated a marketer in order to get a role in a movie. Seriously, it is not the best thing to do. It’s not even certain that the marketer would help you get the role. There is no signed contract or document so you might just be cheated. I would rather just wait and get things done in the right way.

That is like five times a year, (laughs). Honestly speaking, it depends on the man. I can have sex as many times as possible and as long as it takes for my man to be happy.

Comparing the sexes
I think women are stronger in bed. Women tend to last longer in bed compared to some men that just last for about two minutes.

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