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Motor mouth: The man loves the sound of his own voice

By Denrele Animashaun

“Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength.” —Edmund Burke

Ayo Fayose, has got form. And what is predictable about him is that: he is predictably erratic.  The man likes the sound of his own voice, he has an over inflated view of his persona and ego; believes his own hype that he is the man of the people,  that he has grassroots connect ability and with a devil may care attitude. As long as the attention is on him, the better his ego feels and like a seasoned performer, he puts on a show; goes to the market, jump on the back of the Okada. He feels he has scores to settle and not for the first time too, he holds court to simply to lambast anyone he takes a dislike to, or those that refuse to give him his due or in his case, the respect or the attention he deserves. Can someone, anyone please, tell Ayo that respect is earned and cannot be demanded.

I present a few stories of Ayo Fayose from the Vanguard’s archives: the Voice of  Reason in the Vanguard;WHATEVER IS THE MATTER WITH AYO FAYOSE?April 2004 by  Kola Animasaun: “At Iyin-Ekiti, Bola (Tinubu), Segun (Osoba) and Niyi (Adebayo) were reported to have been put under house arrest in a state Ayo Fayose, Ekiti governor, is the chief security officer. As I write this, I have not read a contrary report that these important citizens were not held hostage. And Bola has been so nice about it. YOUNG man, Ayo Fayose, Governor of Ekiti State, like a bad coin, has turned up again in the news. It is not that he has not been around, except for the brief period when he accompanied the President abroad. It was that he stopped making the type of headlines he used to make which put him in very bad light. But those who note that it is difficult for the leopard to change its spots are ever right. A newsmaker will be a newsmaker any day-regardless of the hue. Last week, Ayo returned to the centre stage!.

And again, in the Voice of Reason: Like a Bad Coin, FAYOSE TURNS UP AGAIN: “He barred a local government chairman from attending a meeting he himself called of all local government chairmen. For those of us who followed events in Ekiti, the action is not a surprise. Or should not be. For weeks now, the chairmen have shown the kind of recalcitrance which no dictator-disguised or brazen- would brook.

He was furious alright but he thought Fayose, his counterpart in Ekiti, would apologise for the mistake, if a mistake it was. Amazingly, Fayose did not deny the well-known facts; that he is the chief security officer of the state; that for whatever happens in terms of security within the state the buck stops at his desk” and  finally in the same Vanguard, the brilliantly penned; Ayo Fayose: THERE WAS A GOVERNOR: Misbehaviour on steroids printed  November 23,2014:” a few of his friends and some journalists had tried to appeal to him to tone down his seemingly over-charged disposition which was denying him of the necessary applause that should come his way in view of some strides he was making as governor – especially his appeal to the common man.  He was having some altercations with traditional rulers and he had been counseled to allow tempers cool. Barely hours after the session, Fayose jumped into another quarrel with yet another traditional ruler, further heightening tension in the state.  Prior to that meeting in Abuja that fateful afternoon, even Fayose himself knew that he had needlessly worked himself and his state into a frenzied situation. But all these were in 2004.”

In my column, The country deserves good news, 2014, I wrote : “How much is our vote worth? The Ekiti people have spoken and they have voted for Ayodele Fayose for governor of the state. It does leave a bitter taste (pardon the pun), when one knows that both main candidates did give raw and cooked rice to the people in the state prior to the election. Long after the rice has finished, would it be worth their votes? I wonder. Call me a cynic, but this is not a proper way to conduct a free and fair election….. The outgoing governor has being  magnanimous in accepting the result and wishing the governor-elect his best wishes. Governor Fayemi in a broadcast in Ado -Ekiti, said he has no option but to accept the result of the election and congratulate Fayose “if indeed the outcome of the election is the will of the Ekiti people”. This is very reassuring and only wish this was the attitude many will take in the face of political defeat.  Being in politics is not  a do-or-die and our politicians should know that the gravy train cannot go on forever. In most countries, you go into politics to help shape the lives of the people for the better and to represent the people you serve. At the end of the day, if the lives of the people that voted for the individual does not change for the better, then the voters are equally to blame for the way that they voted. We have to consider also that people with criminal records or a dubious past should not be a shoe in and or hold public office, that’s like getting the cat to watch the meat!

And in another, LET THEM TALK FEBRUARY, 6, 2016:” it seems that the Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose, has been calculating every presidential foreign trip and has totted up that each trip costs around $1 million. This man has no filter or grace. He said: “Conservatively, about $1 million goes into every of the foreign trips and the way the President is going, foreign trips alone might gulp 20 per cent of the Federal Government budget and that will be disastrous for the dwindling economy of the country and that “this year alone, President Buhari has travelled to the United Arab Emirate, Kenya, Ethiopia and he is leaving for France and United Kingdom today to spend four days abroad. So, who made Fayose the president’s accountant?  I thought he had a state to govern and his family affairs to deal with, why has he taken the unofficial role of tracking the president? He went on, “In most of these trips, about $500,000 is spent on escorts, transportation, accommodation, and honorarium, and media coverage, contingency and other expenses on accompanying Presidency officials.  Can someone give this man a muzzle; he definitely needs one and some humility?”

His latest stunt; attending a trade fair in China to coincide with the president’s official visit, was puerile and  it was a non-starter but it is unbecoming of a man of his high office, after he wrote a letter to the Chinese government  not to grant  Nigeria loan, which he had assumed was the purpose of the PMB’s official visit to China. Really is this the behaviour of a right thinking public official? He wrote to the Chinese government, requesting that they do not approve a billion dollar loan to Nigeria!

In his letter dated April 12, which he shared with the media, he wrote that;”While conceding that all nations, especially developing ones, need support to be able to grow because no nation is an island, I am constrained to inform you that if the future of Nigeria must be protected, the country does not need any loan at this time,” .

Does he understand the implications of his behaviour? And does he understand that what this could mean to the Nigerian-Chinese diplomacy?  I am not certain that his political faux pas, would not have reached the Chinese President’s desk nor would it had made a significant impact. I am sure that it would have been shelved where other rubbish goes: in the trash can.

This is the same man that accuses the president of incessant and expensive  overseas trips, the same man who had spoken many times of  PMB’s trip was a cover up for medical trip. The man that makes acrid accusations not based on facts, only to cause offence.


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