By Obaro Unuafe & Fred Akpewe

AS the race for the Delta State Peoples Democratic Party, PDP chairmanship begins to gather momentum, it is becoming crystal clear that it would inevitably zero in on an Urhobo man with a political clout. The choice of an Urhobo man for this high office makes good political sense as the Urhobo are not only the largest ethnic group in Delta State but also the fifth largest ethnic group in Nigeria.

With Delta North senatorial district having produced the Governor in the 2015 Governorship election and Delta South bagging the Deputy Governor, it makes for political equity for Delta Central to produce the next PDP state chairman.

One man whose name continues to resonate in the search for a credible and result oriented candidate for this plum job is Olorogun Fred Majemite. He is a lawyer, consummate grassroots politician, tactician, administrator and a consistent and loyal member of his party, the PDP. Majemite has never defected from his party nor has he been seen to co-habit with those who once defected. This trait has enabled him to remain seamlessly committed to his superiors, political associates and national leaders of the PDP at the National Assembly and at the PDP national secretariat.

At this critical stage of the political history of Delta State, the PDP needs a vibrant, energetic and dependable political leader as chairman of the party to pilot its affairs to victory in 2019.

Olorogun Fred Majemite possesses the energy, drive, intellect and political sagacity to carry out this onerous assignment.

Persuasive acumen and charisma

Majemite has the persuasive acumen and charisma to bring back all aggrieved party members, including those that jumped ship for various reasons. As a founding member of the PDP, he has been loyal to the party, versed in party traditions and ethos and has effectively paid his dues.

Twice he had indicated his interest to represent the Urhobo at the Senate and twice he had been controversially asked to step down for interest of peace. He had always obeyed and borne it with equanimity in the interest of the party supremacy. Unlike some political leaders who live remotely from their constituents, Majemite lives with his people, feels their pulse and knows their needs. He is not loquacious and prefers to talk less and act more.

These positive attributes have endeared him to many as he has at various times called to serve as Special Adviser, Commissioner and Political Adviser to the Governor of Delta State. In all these positions he had held, he had remained focused, uncontroversial and has been a bridge builder between the old and young politicians as well as Deltans from diverse political and ethnic backgrounds.

It is very clear that these are no ordinary times for PDP in Delta State. For the first time in 16 years, Delta State PDP is finding itself in the opposition as the APC is in control at the national level. It is therefore necessary to put a strong character at the helm of affairs to navigate the party through the storms. Delta State PDP needs a man who will convert her opposition status into gain and not loss.

Working synergy

The party needs a detribalized Deltan who is generally available and accepted in all the tribes of Delta State. PDP needs a man today to pilot its affairs, who believes in party discipline, a true democrat and a seasoned administrator who will not enthrone mediocrity but will install accountability, reliability and efficiency.

These are virtues that one would readily find in Fred Majemite. For Majemite too, his robust relationship with the Delta State Governor, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa is an added advantage as it would inexorably translate to a strong working synergy between the party and the Executive.

The need to elect one of the best hands for the job becomes even more germane as the Delta Central senatorial district now has a Senator that is not from the PDP. It is necessary to note here that diverse complex interest arising from lack of unity within the Urhobo family fold led to the wresting of the Senatorial seat from one of its own, Chief Ighoyota Amori (even after he had won and started work) to another candidate of the labour party.

This awkward situation puts the PDP family in Delta Central and indeed in Delta State under extreme pressure.

If the PDP must bring the Delta Central senatorial district under the firm control of the party, it must reclaim the Delta Central senatorial  seat in 2019.

Olorogun Majemite has the exposure, pedigree, experience and political persuasion needed to carry out this all important assignment. The mistakes of 2011 and 2015 must not be repeated by the Urhobos.

Delta PDP is one strong, indivisible family and should not allow stranger elements on its bed or allow political infidels to splash mud on its giant umbrella.

  • Prince Obaro Unuafe & Elder Fred Akpewe, wrote from Delta


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