March 17, 2016

Peterside urges support for APC, faults Wike for violence

Dakuku Peterside, Corruption

Dakuku Peterside

By Gbenga Oke

2015 Governorship candidate of the APC in Rivers State, Dr. Dakuku Peterside, has expressed confidence in his party winning this weekend’s legislative elections upon what he claimed was the neutral role of the security and electoral agencies.

Speaking in a chat with Vanguard, Peterside also flayed the recent spate of violence which he described as barbaric, horrendous and inhuman.

His words, “Some politicians in Rivers state believe they must get power at all cost and that is the root cause of the insecurity in Rivers state today. People are slaughtered, beheaded, burnt, clubbed to death daily in the state and nobody is saying anything about it. The state government has gone to sleep when it comes to security as if it is not part of their responsibility”.

He went further, “The situation in Rivers today is tragic, terrible, horrendous, frightening, simply inhuman. This is not who we are in Rivers state. 24 persons were killed in one night at Omoku, 4 persons killed in Obibi Etche in one day, somebody burnt alive in Buguma, another person buried alive in Gokana, someone clubbed to death in Opobo and so on and so forth. What a gory tale fit for primitive societies. It is not only worrisome but it diminishes our humanness”.

Speaking on the military presence in some parts of the state, he said their presence is justifiable and urged the military to act within rules of engagement.

He said, “Military presence in the state is more than justifiable and the story line being peddled in some quarters that the military are killing people is not true. What you have been hearing are stories by some selfish politicians who want the Nigerian military out of the area to enable their own army to continue to hold sway to the detriment of the ordinary people”.