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You caught your partner cheating on Val’s Day, what’s next?

By Juliet Ebirim

Tessy had been dating her boyfriend for more than two years. On Valentine’s day, she got the ‘worst valentine surprise’. She caught her boyfriend pants down in the arms of another woman after he gave her a lame excuse for not spending the day with her.

For most lovers, Valentine’s Day means chocolate, flowers, gifts and plenty of romance. So, what if your seemingly perfect boyfriend or husband messed everything up and betrayed your trust. What would you do? Some of our female celebrities speak;

Men are born cheats – Evia Simon, Actress
I’ll get really angry and mad at him. I will have it tough with him for weeks or thereabout, because we all know men are born cheats. That doesn’t mean I will leave the relationship, because I can’t leave my husband or boyfriend for any woman no matter what. For all you know, it might just be a tactic to make the girl feel he loves her so as to sleep with her. So, I will pardon him on the condition that he realises his mistakes and apologises and then we can continue from where we stopped. I can only quit the relationship if the reason for his actions was for us to go our separate ways and if he doesn’t show any remorse either.

I’ll quit the relationship – Yetunde Bakare, Actress
It shows that I’m just a side chick and that girl is the main chick. If he loves me as he claims, he won’t have a second option, not even on Val’s Day. It’s so obvious he prefers the lady to me, so I’ll just walk out and end the relationship. It also means that he hasn’t been sincere from the onset , why would he give me false hope? I must be thinking I’m his one and only, the special one to have shown up on Val’s day only to get the shock of my life. He’s not worth it, because life is more than living in pretense. He’s a coward for making me believe we had something real.


I might be the cause – Sandra Bassey, Model
I believe February 14th is a day to show love to the needy and under-privileged. I don’t really see it as a special day for my lover and I, because everyday is a Val’s day for me. So if my boyfriend cheats on me on that day, it’s the same as cheating on me any other day. But if I happen to catch him cheating on me, I’ll be very mad, heartbroken and bitter, but that will not make me break up with him, because I believe that no man is perfect and all men are cheats. That he cheated on you doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you enough. He might have been carried away, drunk or I might even be the cause. I have to find out the reason for his actions, that will determine if I will forgive him, split or go on a short break. I need to screen myself, because I might be the cause. Little things matter and they can push your man into another woman’s arms. I’m not saying there’s a good enough reason for my man to cheat on me, but I will take my time, no matter how hurt or heartbroken I am. I will have a conversation with him, listen to what he has to say, even though it won’t be easy, then pray about it before I finally decide what next to do.

I don’t believe in Valentine – Halima Abubakar, Actress
I don’t believe in Valentine. People cheat everyday.

I can’t catch him – Helen Paul, Comedienne
I can’t catch him. What am I looking for, when I have work to do? (Laughs) Let’s look at what if I find plenty money like 100 million that is not my own in my house? Then I will pack out and buy another house!



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