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Valentine’s Day: Entertainers share their thoughts, worst moments

By Kehinde Ajose

Valentine season is here again and love, they say, makes the world go round. In the spirit of Valentine, your favourite music stars share what love means to them and their unforgettable Valentine’s Day experiences.

I used to run away from home on Valentine’s Day—Lord of Ajasa
At a time, pioneer of Yoruba rap music in the country, Lord of Ajasa, used to be one of the hottest lyricists in the country. In those days, he had hordes of screaming female fans breathing down his neck just to have their chances at being the women in his life. Now, he is a married man with two kids, so it’s understandable if he has done away with those groupies (or at least, some of them).

Asked how he intends to spend the Valentine’s Day, the rapper replied, “I will be enjoying the day with my wife and two sons. I will also be having some shows, but I’ll return home to be with my family.’ He revealed that before now, he used to run away from home because “there were so many women in my life.” Attempting to celebrate Valentine with any one of them would have been a disastrous undertaking.’ On his best Valentine’s Day experience, Ajasa said, ‘My best Valentine’s Day was when one of my friends was celebrating his birthday and we all decided to have a party. It was so much fun on that day, and I can’t forget it.’

There is no love without understanding—Faze
Nigerian music star Chibuzor Orji popularly known as Faze, is one singer who loves singing about the matters of the heart. The “Angel Gabriella” star revealed to Showtime what love means to him. As he puts it, “Love means understanding. If you cannot understand whatever you are doing, then you cannot claim to love it. There is no love without understanding.”
He also shared some of his Valentine’s Day experience. According to him, “I have had several unforgettable Valentine’s Day experience. I cannot specify one.”

Nigerian entertainers
Nigerian entertainers

It’s difficult to experience true love-—Adasounds
Budding Afro pop singer, Ofor Stephanie Adaeze, a.k.a Adasounds, who is known for her song, Kejo, says it’s difficult to experience true love these days. “Love is a beautiful feeling, but it’s difficult to really experience true love these days as it has been abused and to a large extent lost its essence. I don’t really have any special attachments to Valentine’s Day .It’s not that I don’t get gifts on that day, but I believe that love should be celebrated every day,” she said.

We claim to be in love but we hardly give our all to it—Gt Da Guitarman
Soul singer, Gt Da Guitarman, is not a rookie as far as music is concerned. The Dreamer sensation is a versatile artiste who knows his onions and continues to deliver impressive music to his fans. For the singer who recently proposed to his girlfriend, “Love is that 4-letter word that describes everything God wants us to be. Love is an instruction. We claim to be in love yet we hardly give our all to it. Love is an ideal society. I am amazed when we say we love each other, pay tithes and offerings but we miss the beggar on our way to church.”
The Ember Entertainment boss says the gifts that make the most impression on him are those that were given from a sincere heart. “I have gotten a lot of gifts and I don’t forget any of them. The gifts that I generally remember more are gifts that were given from a sincere heart.”

Love is about treasuring someone —Soti
Sotonye Jane Pepple, a.k.a Soti, is a rising songbird who’s rocking the music terrain with her pleasant-sounding voice. She recently featured Ice Prince in her soulful song titled Boy. The University of East London graduate of Economics says she doesn’t attach much importance to Valentine’s Day compared to other young ladies. But she acknowledges the fact that valentine is a season of love. “There was this Valentine season in 2013, I was in London then and my childhood crush from secondary school sent me a cake, flowers and a card all the way from Houston (that’s where he was studying at the time). It was the biggest surprise ever ! Love is seeing all of someone’s darkness and still wanting to be with that person regardless. I mean, still treasuring the person as the best thing ever despite their flaws and imperfections,” she enthuses.

Give love to those who need it—Immaculate

Curvy Immaculate is a talented singer signed to Vivace Records. The artiste whose love song, Osanle, is ruling the airwaves tells Showtime what love means to her and how she intends to spend her Valentine’s Day.

I have never really had a Valentine’s Day experience except spending it with my family. Love is caring, trusting and showing understanding. For anyone willing to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I will advise that you celebrate without losing the essence of that day. Give love to those who really need it”


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