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Storm over Sheriff not unusual — Lawmaker

By Yinka Ajayi

A lawmaker, Hon. Dipo Olorunrinu, says the storm generated by the choice of Alhaji Modu Sheriff to lead the PDP is normal. Olorunrinu represents Amuwo Odofin Constituency1 in Lagos State House of Assembly.

What can we know about the new PDP Chairman,  Senator Modu Sheriff?

We have already resolved this as a party. However, I respect and appreciate when someone is  elected by the majority. As long as the majority want him there, I don’t have a problem. There would always be people to kick against things, but there is need for the party to move on. We have much to catch up with in the party. I don’t see the need for those who are against his emergence. That the majority picked him shows he is worthy. I believe that two heads are better than one. It is not about calling somebody an enemy, you are also an enemy to the person you are referring to as an enemy. So who is the enemy? There is need to move on since the majority has picked him.

With the challenges in the PDP, do you have plans to leave the party?Why should I leave a party that has done no harm to me? Why should I leave a party that gave me a privilege to serve my people and can equally give other people such privilege. Why leave a party that as far as I am concerned defines true democracy in Africa?

Do you foresee the PDP ever ruling Lagos and even winning the Presidency in 2019?I see anybody that has failed, rising up again. Because you failed does not mean you must fail again. PDP is in the state of reflection on what they didn’t do right. Unlike the other party, PDP is a powerful party, a party that offered lots of people the opportunity to become what they thought they could not. Its not a party that shies away from its responsibility.

What is your take on the $2.1billion arms deal?

In a family, we cannot all be the same. The party is the platform. Its high time we begin to understand that corruption is corruption. Corruption is not a party affair. Its a thing we need to deal with in Nigeria. If you tell a young man to do something that would benefit his immediate community, he would ask you what is in it for him. The average APC knows how to castigate and criticise opposition. They know how to distract you and I. But the fact is that Nigerians are getting enlightened everyday. They have said it is change, that change is supposed to take us to the Promised Land. They said its continuity which meant PDP ought to have continued with the great things they did particularly on the economy. Why call PDP corrupt? They should stop bamboozling Nigerians with propaganda. If you are cognisant with our polity, you would observe that a large number of PDP members have now crossed over to the APC. So what would you say about that. holier than thou attitude. Corruption is neither APC nor PDP, it is an individual thing and it is something we all need to deal with.

What do you make of the elders forum and the former Chairman of Amuwo-Odofin LGA Comrade Ayodele urging you to join the APC?

Its no go area. (laughs) The reason for that gathering was mainly for community development not a campaign ground. So I was invited as a guest and it is my duty not to discriminate but to honour any forum, be it PDP, APC, or Labour Party under my constituency. Because when you are in the House of Assembly there is no party divide, it is about the interest of the people and the interest of Lagos State. It is about taking Lagos to the next level.

What can you say about Amuwo-Odofin and FESTAC, which you represent?

The state of affairs in Amuwo-Odofin presently is good and the people are happy with it. There is nothing exceptional happening in Amuwo that is not happening in other parts of the world. The issue of robbery and abduction of persons is a thing of the past and residents have put that behind them. The area is calm now. People should stop referring to it as if its a daily occurrence, thereby portraying the place as uninhabitable.



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