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‘Love’ Unshaken

By Janet Adetu

Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you”

It’s another season to express your love, whether you are in a long term relationship or a new found love. Whether it is to a family member, friend or colleague. It is a day that is supposed to transpire thoughts of happiness, gratefulness, kindness and consideration.

ValentineThey say to love is nothing, to be loved is something.

 To love and be loved is everything!”

Love is not about how much you say

“I love you”

But how much you can prove that it is true!

Why do we always assume that Valentine’s Day is about romance?

In the midst of it all, it is the occasion to always remember your nearest & dearest.  In reflecting on this special day it is also important to render acts of random kindness, bouts of consideration and basket loads of respects. This is also the time to have an etiquette filled day, there is no time for rudeness or incivility if you can help it. So why not splash out and paint the town red be part of that powerful colour that speaks Strength, Courage, Power, Integrity, and love.

It is amazing how much love is in the air before, during and after the 14th February. It can never go by without you sensing the atmosphere. We see the florists cash in on flower power, selling roses by the dozen, boutiques are quick to display everything red on offer soliciting your patronage for you to take part in the season of love. Restaurants bring out the best of their gourmet talents with juicy menus while hotels splash out their best offers all for you to pamper yourself and feel good. Let’s not forget the card sellers, the winners of the day selling big, small, funny, and romantic cards giving you a reason for the season to express that love. Be careful though, it is not the time to break the bank and run into debt just to impress. Be your true self, be original, and love yourself in the spirit of the season.

Valentine’s Day Protocol

Valentine’s Day itself is reflective of the level of relationship you have with others and them to you. Your show of love indicates how much that person truly means to you. Let me give a few strategies on what you can do on Valentine’s Day.

STEP 1: Appreciate the Day:

Remember your loved ones, be good, be kind be friendly.

STEP 2: Send a message of love:

Regardless of your situation, why not wish everyone around you a happy Valentine’s Day. Boost your relationships both personal and professional; be mindful though that you don’t come across too patronizing or send a wrong message if it is at work. Interact more, engage more, and communicate more.

STEP 3: Step Out in Style

When it comes to stepping out in style I do not mean do damage to your bank account all in the name of being noticed. Dress in an impressive way that is comfortable for you and makes you feel good. This will help boost your confidence level for the day as well as aid your efficiency capacity. You will need to be sensible about your dress sense for the day. Do not sabotage your image by wearing something too transparent, sexy, revealing or simply inappropriate.

STEP 4: Send a Card

A card on Valentine’s Day is one of the most favored gifts of all. There is so much protocol around buying and giving a card. Many may find it difficult choosing a card to buy, at times some men are shy to go into a shop and search. It’s not about the size of the card or the price. The cover of the card reflects who you are, the style of the card indicates your personality while the wordings tell your true feelings.

STEP 5: Give a Gift

A purchased gift is not compulsory; at times the gift of a welcoming smile is all it takes. In choosing a gift the following tips:

  • Flowers: Roses are the favorites but watch out for thorns, order them fresh to avoid buying those that are truly worn out and will not last. Go for other flowers if your budget is lower, some have lovely scents, for the occasion have them professionally arranged.
  • Chocolates: Lovely idea but watch out for the calories for durability present them on the day. Watch out for dates of expiration and exposure in the shop.
  • Booked Romantic Dinner: Choose a place that is highly recommended, If possible a place you have eaten before, depending on the type of relationship. You can be as posh as you like but if a simple eatery is what you can afford, go for it; the company is what matters most.
  • A Movie: A lovely way to start the evening with a date out, build your relationship by having fun in relaxed atmosphere leaving all your inhibiters behind you. Let your choice of movie have a romantic theme, no scary movies for the night.
  • A Romantic Getaway: If you are up to the task why not check out of town for a couple of days. Use it as your rest or relaxation moment. For married couples this could be the moment you needed to restore and rekindle the old flame. Book in advance and leave all your travel documents checked beforehand.
  • A Spa Day: A day of pampering is a great gift. Surprise your loved one and have it all planned out as a couple retreat. I recommend a facial spa, a massage and a pedicure spa if you can. Look out for those special offers too. Go for a recommended place and check all facilities in advance.

Wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day!



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