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I feel 50 with ‘Fifty’ – Dakore Egbuson-Atanda

By Chris Onuoha

Fifty as a success story is about four prominent women of about 50 years of age who shared a moment of bleak and bliss with a comedic undertone. Two prominent actresses, Dakore Egbuson-Atanda and Ireti Doyle, amongst the four, shared a moment with Woman’s Own on their experiences featuring in ‘Fifty’.

HOW do you feel being part of the film Fifty?

It’s a flagship film for Nigeria because the quality is so intense, even the production is unique and of standard judging from commendation we got from British Film Organization in London where it was first premiered. I believe Fifty is going to open more doors for me especially in my career.

You are younger than the age 50 which the movie portrays. How did you fit in?I think I am an actor and I am supposed to act. It doesn’t really matter.  I wanted to portray what women of that age could go through. By God’s grace I will get there one day. I have a mum and friends that are in that age group. They deserve their own story to be told as well.

What’s the message viewers should take from this film?The message we put across is trying to learn compassion. We all seem to have our life together, and from the outside we all have our battles that we struggle from the inside. We should not be so quick to blame each other. We should take time to really try to help each other as much as possible because we all have our own issues.


How do you combine family and job as an actress?It takes God’s glory to have the ability to hold yourself together under that pressure. Pressure from family, children and work. Women carry a lot of weight. Fifty is symbolic of that. The fact is that women wear a lot of hats and will be in charge of everyone in the family. I feel ‘Fifty’ is not all about women but men too. We try to get them understand the challenges we pass through. Sometimes, you have to put it in two words. Fifty is not just for women but a film for men also.

What do you want men to take from the film as a lesson?I want men to appreciate what women go through. We don’t get that often from our men. They get frustrated about what we do sometimes, but when we start to understand each other very well, we start real communication for an end.Having been in hiatus for some time and coming back to your passionate job, acting- any changes? I don’t think fifty is a comeback thing for me because I have been active in movies since 2012 and with Fifty, nothing changed.  It has been gradual. Fifty is like the 9th film since I came back to work. It’s been great because what I have done with my own personal career is more uncommon for a woman. You get married, you take time off and continued to do or go anywhere you wanted to, it’s awesome. Besides, I have an outlet for my creative talent and run an NGO that caters for the vulnerable in the society. To continue to thrive in that area and somehow get works like Fifty involved is something phenomenal.


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