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Does the Imo rescue mission needs rescue?

By Clement Udegbe

THE Holy Bible tells us that the devil  has three major assignments, namely to steal, to kill, and to destroy, while Jesus Christ came to destroy every work of the devil, and to give life to mankind , and life in abundance. Jesus uses His Church, to do this work, and the church works with the Doctors and those in the health sector.

The Church and Health workers, are known to be on the rescue mission for mankind, because of all gifts from God, the greatest is the gift of good health.

They have their fakes and quacks who are under the torment from the devil, and thus need to be rescued themselves, which,  the regulators and the Law do.

A rescuer who is not genuine will therefore needs to be rescued, in his own interest, to avoid his destruction and to reduce the collateral damage that his failed activities could precipitate on the society at large. This informs the thinking by many  that the Imo Rescue Mission, from all indications needs to be rescued now, in its own interest and that of Imolites.

During the gubernatorial election campaigns in 2010, it was Chief Rochas Okorocha of APGA versus Chief Ikedi Ohakim of the PDP, the then incumbent governor of Imo State. Both contestants were chronic party carpet- crossers, and had their issues, but Okorocha had the good image of philanthropist, added to the fact that Imolites seemed to prefer anything but Ohakim.

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, OBJ, told his listeners in Owerri, on prime television, that he was presenting to them a smaller thief,(Ohakim), but they seem to be asking for a bigger thief,( Okorocha).With his usual jesticulations OBJ warned, that by the time this Okorocha has finished with the people, Imo women will be running around the streets singing “ I can see clearly now, the rain is gone …….”. It is now almost five years, after, and from experience, Imolites should  sit  back now, and reassess OBJ’s soap box warning , in their own interest, before greater harm is done.

Okorocha won that election and launched his Imo Rescue Mission. He had come to rescue Imo from mass unemployment, poor health and Medicare, decayed roads and infrastructure, neglected education, Industries and the list of Imo afflictions from the mis-governance of the PDP at that time was quite long.

He told the world that Imo State, had too much money, he did not need to borrow, his Security Vote was enough to give the people the free  education, which he launched.

He started off with extensive Road expansion and destroyed so many houses along many roads, in Owerri and Orlu towns. He launched an Ambulance Medicare quick or rapid Response vehicles.

Chief Okorocha was all over the place, and with a great gift of the garbs,he announced his Love for Late Dim Ojukwu and commitment what Ojukwu stood for in Igbo Land as Owelle Ndigbo.He wanted to resuscitate  and sustain all the legacies of late Chief Sam Mbakwe, and we all, including yours truly fell for him, but today things have changed, and let us see how.

First, he sacked all the 10,000 workers employed by Ohakim, just before the elections, because it was fake, bad and calculated to deceive the people, but till date has not reabsorbed those young persons; The roads he built, developed pot holes within two months of their commissioning, and most contractors were not paid, till date Imo State is owing many of them, some of whom died.

Mid way into the his first tenure, APGA could not contain him again, it was a ladder that had served its purpose and must be broken.

He jumped out of APGA, tried to kill it, and jumped into APC, because he wanted to be President some time.He overlooked all the negative trappings of the APC and took Imolites by the nose into a journey that has messed up the rescue mission!

Backed by a poorly articulated Community Government, which he used to take power at the grass roots from others, he descended on traditional rulers, created divisions, multiplied autonomous communities, turned them into highly weak but atomistic enclaves, Imo was caged ! He owed workers salary for months, and because the mouth of the state was sealed with free education, he contested for the second term and won!

Then, he became an Emperor, and continues to treat Imolites like his personal servants; Same Imo that had too much money in 2011, now owes over N100billion, and we heard that Imo owes Okorocha over a  billion Naira. I hope that is a lie!

As soon as the N26 billion bail out money was paid to Imo, he organised a Jamboree to turkey taking up to 100 persons along. Assuming government spent only $3000 person excluding himself and family, that is $300,000 or N80 million Naira spent to find investors from Turkey, but none came! Who will come to invest in a bankrupt state?

Most of the industries and projects set up by Chief Mbakwe, whom he claimed to love so much, are held hostage by the topsy-turvy policies of the Imo Rescue Mission.

They have no respect for MoUs, and have cornered the Local Government allocations, by running the places like lock up shops!

Then last year, he faced the health sector, and dreamt of selling off all our hospitals to whomever. He has no regard for Medical Doctors, and when they tried to protest, they were shot at by Police under his watch.

Okorocha who won elections with the promises of Jobs, Jobs and Jobs, started off with the sack of 3000 workers! We hear the APC Governors Forum asked him to try the sack saga first, which  explains the visit from his party Chieftains, during the battle with Labour, last week.

If  the Governors Forum, can use Okorocha to test the sack reaction, he can be used by any person in power to try or test anything on Ndibgo! He has become vulnerable by his political desires, and needs to be rescued before he commits more havoc.



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