February 10, 2016

CloudWare launches to aid foreign exchange

CloudWare launches to aid foreign exchange


By Prince Osuagwu

SEVERAL researchers have consistently attributed the influx of substandard mobile phones in Nigeria to cost. Users require mobile phones whose costs would not put a hole in their pockets. Unfortunately, some business men have latched on this demand to flood the market with substandard mobile phones which end up leaving the users frustrated in no time.

However, Chairman, Mansales Limited, Engr Elens Eigbokhan in this interview said his company has countered this trend with the introduction of Konka mobiles, a Chinese mobile phone maker with a mandate to make quality mobile phones that would be cost friendly as well as giving value for money to users.

Why did Mansales bring Konka to Nigeria despite scores of mobile OEMs here?

Konka is the first generation of China’s consumer electronics products and mobile phones company that is rated among the top 10 of China’s well known trademarks and the top three most valuable Chinese electronics brand.

Smartphone penetration

We partnered Konka Mobile in order to address the issue of substandard mobile phones that are presently selling in the Nigerian market. Nigerians are mistaking them for quality phones, only to regret it after a few months of usage. We also partnered Konka Mobile to further deepen smartphone penetration in Nigeria.

What we have done with Konka, is to open a trusted channel where Nigerians could buy quality and genuine mobile phones that will not only give them value for money, but will also meet their social and communication needs.

So what kind of partnership do you have with Konka Mobile?

Our partnership with Konka is sole distributorship. Mansales will be distributing Konka phones in Nigeria and the rest of West Africa, and out partnership deal forbids us to distribute other brands of mobile phone within the West African countries. The reason for this is to enable us develop the brand and make Nigerians and Africans enjoy reliable and true quality phones that are durable with long battery life.

To do this you’ll need to battle grey market?

We have factored that in during the planning stage. We are aware of grey market, where dealers smuggle branded phones that were not meant to be sold in a particular region, through unauthorised channels, and we are also very much aware of the deluge of substandard phones in the Nigerian market, and what we have done to address the challenge, is to provide a unique identity number for each Konka phone that will be distributed in Nigeria and that number could be tracked online to find out whether the phone is genuine or not. The number is visibly written on the phone and customers have the right to track the number online before purchase. If customers are well educated on this, they will not be tricked into buying fake Konka phones, and if customers always insist on buying genuine Konka phones, then those that may want to sell Konka phones through the grey market, will have a rethink.

We will also have authorised channel distributors of Konka phones in various parts of the country who will be marketing genuine Konka phones.



How do you intend to cope with competition?

Competition is key to any business and as competition grows, those brands of phone with good quality and robust products will always stand the test of time. So our  quality will always stand us out in the face of competition and Nigerians will love the brand because of the quality and features it has. So we are not afraid of competition because we have quality products and our products will come as an eye-opener to Nigerians when they begin to experience true quality of mobile phones.

Our phones are robust and we maintain high quality for every manufactured phone. We are different from other vendors, because we manufacture our phones right from our factories, while most brands manufacture elsewhere and then assemble them under a brand name, which does not guarantee quality. Konka manufactures every part of the phone, including the motherboard, screen, casings, battery and this guarantees quality, because we have a brand name to protect.

There is a general belief that products from China are of lesser quality?

Let me tell you something. Before the partnership agreement between Konka Mobile and Mansales was signed, I had visited China more than 35 times, doing different types of engineering businesses, because I am a trained engineer by profession.

The general perception that products from China are of lesser quality, is a misconception. Today, China has grown to become one of the most technological advance countries of the world and they have been known for quality products. What  happened is that China has a large population of workforce and the cost of labour is cheaper in China than most countries where products are manufactured. So most people who want to cut cost, will deliberately ask for reduced quality in their specifications and because the labour is readily available in the country, the manufacturers there will produce, based on the specifications and quality they were asked to produce.