Professor Alexia Thomas, Chairman, The Commonwealth Liberation Party, TCLP, UK has flayed the policies of the  British Government, saying it is wicked and destructive.

Professor Alexia Thomas

In a press statement she released in London, Professor Thomas affirmed that the policies of the government are destructive to human race.

“Your policies are very contagious and destructive to human race; certainly denial is not an option. My press statement dated 22/11/2015 clearly defined Constitution of Democratic System of Government Principles and practice as taught by the founding fathers headship Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd President of United States. Your party has been a very destructive one-killing the welfare and wellbeing of the coloured people; and you will agree with me it is fair to ask the Queen Elizabeth II to use her Monarchical powers to abolish your leadership or alter it by simply transferring powers to Labour Party headship,” she noted.

According to her,it is an open-secret that the present conservative style of governance being led by David Cameron, British Prime Minister is built on injustice, evil, oppression, enslavement mentality of the coloured people with the sole intentions to practicing terror and tyranny against the people of Commonwealth citizens.

She disclosed that the Monarchical Throneship of Queen Elizabeth II, has Powers to abolish the Leadership.

“This may not have been used before or such Redress of Government Abolishment has not been used since the 16th Century after the beheading of the King Charles I, though his death gave Rights to Ordinary Men like yourself the privileges to come to Power through enacting the Bill of Rights 1689. As the Chairman of The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP) and the Chieftain of Commonwealth Treaty Alliance Commission, I tell you today such Powers to abort your Government will be executed on or before the 24th of April 2016, if you and your Cabinets Ministers fail to behave yourselves.”

She noted that the government is stealing from the citizens through tax exploitation. ‘The Government is power intoxicated as through the Peoples’ votes you have audaciously run United Kingdom Nation as an Outlaw bandit, exploiting the Taxation System of Income Tax and VAT Tax at 20%,

On unlimited travel access to Commonwealth Citizens, in hurtful tones, her letter reads: “Mr. Cameron, know it today United Kingdom is indebted to the Commonwealth Nations and their Citizens. Until the 51 Countries of African and Asia Continents realize Full Civilization, their Citizens must continue to have Unlimited access to Travel to the United Kingdom and the Immigration Confraternity Laws debarring their Rights must be abolished without Deliberation or Compromise.

To this End, all Immigration Detention Centers in the United Kingdom must be demolished and all the German Investors having Shares in the Immigration Business and Services of Border Control and Technological Facilities should be paid back their Investment as they must now find other Trade to make their gains because the Commonwealth Citizens Detention is not a Sector for Investment.

“United Kingdom found Riches and Greatness in the 15th Century from the Commonwealth Countries and their Citizens and till date, your Government is still in continual receipt of Royalties from these Poor Slaved Continents of Africa and Asia, yet your Conscience fears no Retribution, because God created them to be of less Values to the White Race. Thisshould not be a bias reason because Humans has bigger Brains, so the

Conscience of Guilt should supersede Conscience of Destruction of the Human Race and for this reason Slavery as a Business was abolished in United Kingdom and America.

David Cameron’s Govt to Disband from Office Professor Thomas dares British Prime Minister when she explained that Mr. Cameron, will be disband and disgraced out of Number 10 Downing Street.

What matters is who Rules the People of United Kingdom must have the Knowledge, the Principles, the Respect, the Compassion, the Protection, the Appreciation and the Values to the People with Rights of Sovereignty.

“Any Ruling Government must respect Human Values, Integrity and Dignity of Human Substance. If you read ‘TCLP’ Teachings and Doctrines, you will see our generosity over view in a Reflection, as I will expect you this year

to get some serious Education and your Cabinet Ministers should equally go for Mind Development Training on Humanity Courses .

“The Amendment of School Syllabus and Curriculum Vitae is Mandatory; So Students will be taught Humanity and Human Values as a Course and the Consciousness of Resistance to refuse Cash.

Using Legislative Confraternity to kill the people Corroborating her view on the use of Legislative Confraternity by Cameron to kill the Commonwealth people, Professor Thomas said: “Mr. Cameron, your Government continues to use Legislative Confraternity to kill the Commonwealth Nations Citizens in Immigration Detention Centres and Prisons. Coloured Men and Women die every day in UK Immigration Concentration Camps.

Why have you allowed German Investors in Immigration Affairs?

Why are Offenses of Murder and Homicide committed on Commonwealth Citizens by your

Crown Servants covered up till date?

Why no Persons have been convicted for these Deaths? If these deaths were committed by Black Culprits on White Victims, your Government will send them to Jail for life. So you will agree with me the Justice system has neglected the Wellbeing of Families of the Deceased Citizens till date failed to inform their Families and not even bothered to pay them Compensation. The Commonwealth Citizens deaths recorded since 1965 to 2015 of their Exterminations in the UK Immigration Concentration Camps must be revealed to the Commonwealth Nations Government.

Your Government pretense of Blind Eye, yet no one has been jailed for these Atrocities committed.

The Big Question is Why has your Government Mocked the Justice system because of Power intoxication?

Commonwealth dead victims She recounts the ordeal of Commonwealth citizens tortured and buried in unmarked graves.

“The Commonwealth Citizens die in UK Immigration Concentration Camps and buried in an unmarked Graves. Your Government should know what is good for the Goose is good for the Gander; So wholly in Truth of Correctiveness, it is advisable your Government compile the list of Deceased Persons and search for their Families for they must be buried befittingly and their Families Compensated.

“Mr. Cameron, an explanation is needed on why your Government has not shown these Dead Victims respect, knowingfully well that they were killed by your Employees? Obviously without Denial, your Conservative Party fumes with Superiority because these Dead Victims are Black and Coloured Persons, simply your Disdain is their Blood Smells, because if it was White Persons as Dead Victims, the Queen Elizabeth II would have been told to reassure their Families.

“Your Government still regard the Commonwealth Citizens as Slaves and Servants. No one in your Government is concerned about the Wellbeing of Noble Men your Party have locked and incarcerated in Immigration Concentration Camps for no offenses they have committed. You tell me no ‘RACISM’ in the United Kingdom, well know it now it is simply ‘HATISM’.

Mr. Cameron, you must advice the Secretary of State for Home Office to advice Personnel’s of the Home Office and Immigration Officers because as Employees they are Outlaws. It is very Sad your Secretary of State is unable to control them as she is continually misled by the Minister for Immigration on British Passports’ Illegal Revocation Famous for her frankness on issues affecting Commonwealth citizens, Professor Thomas revealed clandestine moves by Cameron administration to revoke British citizenship status earlier accorded Commonwealth citizens that had done renunciation.

She said: “The introduction of the TCLP Scheme on Renunciation and Proclamation of Nationality as Treaty of Article 15 of UDHR, it was deemed necessary that Beneficiaries of this Scheme notify the Home Office of their change of Status as British Citizens because the Passport Office an Executive Agency is now Politicized by your Government the Conservative Party has Conned and Deceitfully got them to Alliance for reasons to unconstitutionally continue to Revoke Peoples Right of Residence and the British Passport over the most Flimsy excuses. “The TCLP for these reasons, introduced the British Commonwealth Nationals Data Enrollment for Commonwealth Citizens to grant Permissibility to the Home Office to update their Information with the Data Entry Department.”

Law of Magna Carta as only way forward in 21st Century

Re-awakening the Law of Magna Carta as the only panacea to bright governance, Professor Thomas further explained: “Your Immigration Officers appointed to work as Bounty Hunters are committing Serious Crimes in the Name of Justice using Covert Operations because of assurance for everydeportation to earn commission. They steal Commonwealth Citizens Data from

Home Office Server and maliciously visit their Homes who they know are British Citizens through the Nationality Scheme created by TCLP.

Immigration Law is a Civil Case and not Criminal, therefore your Officers by Law cannot ‘Threaten, Bully, or Bigotry’ visit Homes nor assisted with Police Escort to Commonwealth Citizens Houses as any infringement on their Privacy is a Violation of their Rights and Hate Crime Coercion Brutality.

This Chieftain of Commonwealth Treaty Alliance Commission, UK officially issued a notice to Queen of England, Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to call the British Prime Minister to order by ensuring on or before 24th April, the current conservative administration built on confraternity get disband or abolished to pave way for Labour Party.

“Your Majesty, as I reviewed the correspondence from Buckingham Palace signatured by Sonia Bonici your Senior Correspondence, I acknowledged your comments which I dutifully inform you today People of the Commonwealth believe their interest do not matter to you, despite the Injustice and Deaths of the Commonwealth Victims. Your Majesty, your negligence to the Welfare and Wellbeing of the Commonwealth Citizens in Britain is of concern as the outspoken reality is, you deem them less important of your time.”

Sounding emotional and philosophical, she said “Your Majesty, if these Dead Victims at UK Immigration Concentration Camps were White British, your motherhood instinct will not deny your Guilt that you have failed them as Powers of your Throneship supersede the Powers of Parliamentarian Politics. Your Throneship the Buckingham Palace oversightedly allowed the Office of the Secretary of State to be bigger than the United Kingdom.

Monarch in that Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for Home Office now Masters the Commonwealth Citizens with Terror Justice and still in their Tyranny fears no retribution.

Your Majesty, the fact not in denial is that the Coloured Peoples Race were not known to Britain but the greed for Power eroded the Thrones of Kings in Europe to explosively exploit the Nations of Asia and Africa and their Abonnement is an impossibility. Your Majesty, you will agree with me Britain cannot exist without the Commonwealth Nations because your Government is weakened without them. Their Wealth is why your Kingdom is the greatest today because of your Receipt of Royalty. What is good for your People must be extended to the Commonwealth Nations and their

Citizens you inherited.

“ Your Majesty, the Commonwealth Nations Governance must be reviewed as the Commonwealth Charter a Working Guide lacked in-depth Goals and Objectives for reasons of United Kingdom relationship with the Commonwealth Nations. United Kingdom powered by Parliament and her Monarchical Empire should not ignore the Commonwealth Nations Wellbeing as a People. Your Invisibility in Politics and Government and allowing Parliament Pen to draft your Statements and Declarations is against the Fundamental Values of the Commonwealth Treaty your Oath Ascertained in your Coronation of 1953; Promises Breached.”



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