Just as Cynthia Morgan revealed last year, she has a crush on HKN boss, Davido, a rising RnB singer, Itive Elvis popularly called Tea Jazz has equally expressed how much he’s secretly in love with the controversial dance-hall singer.  A 200-level student  of UNIBEN, Tea Jazz who  has just concluded a collaboration with Yung6ix and currently working with Timaya on a new single says, he’s ceaselessly in love with Cynthia.

tea JazzHOW did you delve into music?

I started doing music way back in 2005, when I was in secondary school. Then I had to buy a fruity loops software which I used in making beats. I made some amateur beats and recorded on them.

I  did a song titled “Super Lover” in 2012 and “U too Much” in 2013. But the songs have not been officially released.  In 2014,  I dropped a single titled “Miss Beautiful” featuring Antiviruz and later, I dropped the video which was directed by Fortune Filmz.

But professionally, I started doing music in 2010, as a 200-level student of the University of Benin. I ran into Antiviruz who was actually one of the hottest artistes in Benin. But unknown to me, he was my classmate.

Then I was scared of approaching him because he was a very big  star in UNIBEN. But I eventually summoned courage to approach him, he asked me to see meet him in the studio the next day which I did. And that was it.

Would you say your impression about video vixen has inspired you to want to start a relationship with any of the video girls?

Not at all.

But can you marry a video vixen?

Certainly yes, if the attraction is there.

Are you in a relationship?

I’m still single and Searching. I’m yet to find the love of my life.

Do you have a crush on any female singer?

Of course yes. Star girl, Cynthia Morgan. I love for her ceaselessly.

How were you able to convince your parents that you wanted to go into circular music?

My Dad is a pastor. So, it a battle to  win his support. I was disowned and later reintegrated into the family by my parents. They never supported me. They were like even if you are going to do music at all,  it has to be gospel music. So, it was a challenge getting to where I am today. My parents  withdrew their support from me. Even with my schooling, they stopped supporting me. They said,  since I wanted to be a prodigal son, they  wouldn’t support me in anything.

For the years you were disowned by your parents, how did you survive  the rejection?

I started doing menial jobs such as car washing  to survive.  After a while, I thought it was better to make peace with my parents. So, I went back to them to say I was now ready to do gospel music.

Recording the song

They accepted it, telling me that it was they expected of me. I was ready to do gospel music for real because I didn’t think it was not right to fall out with my parents. I went into the studio and recorded a gospel song titled “You too Much.” When I finished recording the song,  I went home to play it for them. Surprisingly, my dad did not like the song, but  my siblings did.  At that point, I changed my mind again. I said to myself, since I have tried to do a gospel song and my dad did not see it as one, then gospel music wasn’t meant for me. I stood my grounds and went back to circular music. Then the face-off started again.

So when were you finally reintegrated into your family?

Until last year, I was not close to my family. They started supporting again but we didn’t have any  that closeness. It took five years for my dad to understand that circular music is what I wanted  to do. Though he does not still listen to my music, he now allows me to follow my dream.

How would you define your kind of music?

My kind of music is RnB, Naija Pop dance Hall. I don’t just do music I try as much as possible to make sense with my music. My music is message based.

You released your official single, ‘Ovakpo’ about a month ago. Would you say you are satisfied with what you put out there?

We haven’t released the bird from the net. That’s just a tip of the iceberg. There are greater songs to come. My new single, “Ovakpo” which means “escape route” is the song on everyone’s lips right now.

I have done the video for the single which is directed by prolific director Daniel Ugo with appearances from Yung6ix, Ksolo and Ycee. I’m planning to release more singles, videos and a lot of collaboration this year. I just did a song with Yungs6ix which  will be released before the end of this month. Currently, I’m actually working with Timaya.



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